The Angry Corrie 73: Apr-Jun 2008 No. 73

Two Lomonds and a Ledi, please - those Stirling University hospitality menus in full

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From: Estates Service Message

Sent: Mon 12/17/2007 10:45 AM

To: All Staff

Subject: Internal Hospitality Menus


Please ensure this message is drawn to the attention of those colleagues who have no computer access.

The Commercial Operations team is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting set of Internal Hospitality Menus for 2008. The new menus come into effect from 1st January and incorporate a number of exciting changes. These include:

Revamped Finger Buffet Menus

Four tasty, brand new Finger Buffets will be available from 1 January. Named after famous Scottish mountains, each of these menus will allow your taste buds to scale the heights of culinary pleasure. Finger Buffet menus will continue to be complemented by our ever popular Healthy Choice Finger Buffet and Healthy Choice Fork Buffet.

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Ed. - Don't really fancy any of that 'Goujons with Tzatziki' or 'Feta Bruschettas' stuff myself. I'm more one for the Ben Cleuch option: tin of Tesco sardines, a flapjack and a banana, washed down with a refreshing can of Pepsi Max. (Mind you, the 'Salmon Rocket and Parmesan Pastries' sound quite tasty...)

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