The Angry Corrie 69: Nov 2006-Feb 2007

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Don't all keel over with excitement at once, but for the first time in a long while, there's a new TAC T-shirt. The design is the helicopter-rescue cover from TAC68, in a red border. The shirt itself is ash-grey, and comes in four different sizes: M, L, XL and the whopping XXL for all you scran-and-samosa eaters out there. The shirts cost £16 each including p&p, or you can save a couple of quid by buying a six-issue TAC subscription along with it, £23 all in.

A few of the old St Kilda shirts are still available, just medium size. These can be had for the knockdown price of a tenner, or £17 with a six-issue TAC sub.

Books and booklets available from TACit Press:

Graham Tops and Grahamists, Alan Dawson, Clem Clements and James Gordon, £4 or £4.50 incl postage; Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, Dawson / Dave Hewitt, £3.70 (£4.20 inc p&p); Grahams and New Donalds, Dawson / Hewitt, £2.80 (£3.20); The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales, Dawson, £2 (£2.40), of England, Dawson, £2 (£2.40), of Ireland, Clements, £3.70 (£4.20), World Tops and Bottoms, Grant Hutchison, £2 (£2.40) and Walking the Watershed, Hewitt, £6.50 (£7.50).

A six-issue subscription to The Angry Corrie (it comes out roughly quarterly) costs £9.

Also available, £12 p&p free from Millrace (2a Leafield Rd, Disley, Cheshire, SK12 2JF, is A Bit of Grit on Haystacks - A Celebration of Wainwright, edited by Dave Hewitt and featuring essays by Bill Mitchell, Val Hamilton, Ronald Turnbull, Graham Wilson, Robin N Campbell, David McVey, the late A Harry Griffin, and Ann Bowker. It's illustrated by Craig Smillie, aka the Swan and is a 192pp hardback, ISBN 1 902173 171.

Cheques: for subs/shirts, The Angry Corrie; for non-Millrace books/booklets, TACit Press. Address: 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND.

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