The Angry Corrie 68: Jun-Sep 2006

The Angry Superstore

Books and booklets available from TACit Press:

Graham Tops and Grahamists, Alan Dawson, Clem Clements and James Gordon, £4 or £4.50 incl postage; Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, Dawson / Dave Hewitt, £3.70 (£4.20 inc p&p); Grahams and New Donalds, Dawson / Hewitt, £2.80 (£3.20); The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales, Dawson, £2 (£2.40), of England, Dawson, £2 (£2.40), of Ireland, Clements, £3.70 (£4.20), World Tops and Bottoms, Grant Hutchison, £2 (£2.40), Munro's Fables, Hutchison / Chris Tyler, £5 (£5.50) and Walking the Watershed, Hewitt, £6.50 (£7.50).

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T-shirts: Only mediums remain of the St Kilda design: £13 each, or £20 with a six-issue TAC sub. But note that there is likely to be a new design of shirt available before TAC69 appears in the autumn. Neither the design nor the price is known as yet (we're not that organised), but we're on the case, and enquiries are welcome from July onwards.

A six-issue subscription to The Angry Corrie (which comes out roughly quarterly) costs £9.

Also available, £12 p&p free from Millrace (2a Leafield Rd, Disley, Cheshire, SK12 2JF, http://www.millracebooks. is A Bit of Grit on Haystacks - A Celebration of Wainwright, edited by Dave Hewitt and featuring essays by Bill Mitchell, Val Hamilton, Ronald Turnbull, Graham Wilson, Robin N Campbell, David McVey, the late A Harry Griffin, and Ann Bowker. It's illustrated by Craig Smillie, aka the Swan and is a 192pp hardback, ISBN 1 902173 171.

Cheques: for subs/shirts, The Angry Corrie; for non-Millrace books/booklets, TACit Press. Address: 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND.

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