The Angry Corrie 68: Jun-Sep 2006

Single takes - round the Munros in one go

Various lists of people known to have completed continuous car-less Munro rounds have been published, eg in Andrew Dempster's 1995 book The Munro Phenomenon. The list that follows is incomplete in some details, but is believed to be the most accurate and complete to date. It excludes those who used motorised transport on land - see the final footnote - but includes those who used ferries to reach Mull and Skye. Any help with plugging gaps or adding new names would be much appreciated. There have almost certainly been more rounds of this sort.

  Start Finish
Hamish Brown Ben More Mull 4/4/74 Ben Hope 24/7/74
Kathy Murgatroyd Ben More Mull 1/5/82 Sgurr Mhic Choinnich 11/9/82
George Keeping Ben Klibreck 14/4/84 Ben Chonzie 28/8/84
Craig Caldwell Beinn Bhuidhe 1/3/85 Ben Lomond 27/2/86
Ashley Cooper 4/5/86 Ben More Mull late 7/86 or early 8/86
Mike Cawthorne / Dave Hughes Ben More Crianlarich 15/5/86 Ben Hope 6/10/86
Paul Tattersall Beinn Bhuidhe 27/4/89 Ben Hope 16/7/89
Mike Wilson-Roberts Ben Hope 20/4/89 Sgurr Eilde Mor 13/8/89
Hugh Symonds Ben Hope 19/4/90 Ben Lomond 25/6/90
Stuart Clements / Kate Weyman Ben Hope 1/7/90 Bruach na Frithe 21/10/90
Rory Gibson / Andrew Johnston Ben More Mull 23/5/92 Ben Hope 13/7/92
Mike Cudahy 1994 1994
Chris Townsend Ben More Mull 18/5/96 Ben Hope 12/9/96
Andrew Allum Beinn Ime 5/96 Ben Klibreck 6/97
Peter Lincoln Toll Creagach 12/7/97 An Socach (Glen Ey) 30/6/98
Jonathan Barclay Sgorr Dhonuill 4/4/98 Maoile Lunndaidh 4/12/98
Charlie Campbell Ben More Mull 29/5/00 Ben Hope 16/7/00
Steve Perry Ben Lomond 29/4/03 Ben Hope 26/9/03
Lorraine McCall Ben Hope 16/4/05 Ben Nevis 3/9/05
Steve Perry Ben More Mull 1/12/05 Ben Hope 31/3/06

Some notes:

Brown - The first continuous round, and in many ways still the best. Lovingly recounted in Hamish's Mountain Walk. Philip Tranter (1939-1966) might well have done it first had he lived, and the Ripley brothers, Alan and Brian, came within 50 of success with their 89-day 1967 effort, before giving up on Beinn Dorain. Brown modestly and magnanimously describes all three as "much more worthy lads". He completed his fourth "normal" round of Munros during the trip, on Ben More Assynt, 21/7/74 - the very hill where, on 26/9/64, Tranter had become the first person to complete two rounds.

Caldwell - Munros plus Corbetts, 364 days for the Munro section, 377 days in all. See Climb Every Mountain.

Cooper - Added Furth Munros, completed Helvellyn, 17/8/86.

Cawthorne/Hughes - Both completed mid-walk rounds on Beinn a'Chlaidhheimh, 27/9/86. In 1997/98 Cawthorne added a winter round of 1000m peaks (although he didn't top-out Beinn Mheadhoin) - see Hell of a Journey.

Wilson-Roberts - Also completed the only known continuous Corbetts-only round: The Brack 3/3/92 - White Coomb 13/7/92.

Tattersall - Took bike to each summit, including the In Pinn.

Symonds - Spent 66 days 22 hours on the Munros, fastest at that stage. Added Furth Munros, completing on Brandon Mountain, 25/7/90. See Running High.

Gibson/Johnston - New fast time: 51 days 9 hours 22 mins.

Townsend - Munros and Tops, completed his second round on Ben Hope. See The Munros and Tops.

Allum - Monumental and rather mysterious effort including Tops, Corbetts, Grahams, Donalds, and Welsh and English 2000ers. Took four mid-walk breaks totalling six weeks.

Lincoln - Munros, Corbetts, Grahams. Spent 354 days over the Munro section, 359 days in all (9/7/97-2/7/98). Completed second round mid-walk on An Sgarsoch, 29/6/98. See TAC39 pp10-11.

Campbell - Current fastest round, 48 days 12 hours 0 mins. Swam from Mull to mainland, from mainland to Skye, and across Loch Lomond. Completed second round on Ben Hope. See TAC47 pp4-5.

Perry (1) - Started Land's End 18/2/03, finished John o'Groats 29/9/03. Followed (or strayed from) various long-distance paths, eg an 83-Munro West Highland Way. Spent 151 days over Munro section, the slowest recorded by someone not tackling an additional category of hills. "Very leisurely."

Perry (2) - First continuous winter round, and first double continuous completion.

Note that Martin Moran (1984/85, 83 days, completed Sgurr Eilde Mor) and Mark Elsegood (1988, 66 days, completed Sgurr nan Gillean) made continuous rounds but with a vehicle used between hill groups. The first effort of this kind was probably that of Philip Larder, who started with Bidean nam Bian in May 1960 and completed on Ben Lomond 3/9/61, a 16-month stint that included a five-month gap. He used a Lambretta scooter with "a rather big sidecar attached for my food, clothing etc."

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