The Angry Corrie 67: Feb-Mar 2006

Once Upon a Time in the West Highlands

It's Academy Award time again, so here is TAC's take on the 2006 Oscar favourites...

Das Boot

Joel Schumacher's claustrophobic actioner centres on a siege in the Brasher factory, with Peter Cushing as the evil Dr Zamberlan and Justin Timberland making his big-screen debut as troubled cop Johnny Instep. A tense and effective sequel to Schumacher's earlier The Battle of Scarba Flow.

Hiroshima mon Paramo

Moving story of the lives and loves of a family of breathable-kimono makers in the days after the first atomic bomb. But can a movie about taped seams really work as a weepie? Could well win best foreign feature, but faces stiff competition from...

Belle de Jour

Arty French stuff with Catherine Destivelle playing Catherine Deneuve, a beautiful bored housewife who spends her afternoons jumaring up pinnacles before scurrying home to cook tea for her husband, the mysterious Dr Patey.

Logan's Run

Biopic of Stewart Logan, Lanarkshire nobleman who became the first to complete ten rounds of Munros on the last day of 1999. His record might since have been overtaken by gay bagging icon Steven Fallon's absurd 12 rounds in 13 years, but Logan remains the housewife's choice for having climbed all his hills in a Gore-Tex kilt. Contains disturbing tartan scenes and mild incidents of bagpipe music.

The Chronicles of Narnain: The Lie-in, the Midge and the Walk-out

Episode two of the overblown crypto-religious fantasy camping saga, reckoned by many to be a load of Cobblers.

Schiehallion One

Pacy conspiracy theory blockbuster with Matthew Brodick as a journalist who stumbles on a John Muir-inspired plot to produce a fake Munro in Gleann CIA-aig. Based on a true story.


Pointless remake of 1950s epic sees endless CGI chariot races up and down Rome's seven hills. Best bit? A vicious swordfight in the Forum following confusion over whether Ben-Lomond or Ben-Nevis can be seen from the province of Uddingstonia.

I Walked With A Zombie

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Has the annual Blairgowrie walking festival really been taken over by the undead? On this evidence it certainly features all manner of schlock involving gore-soaked map cases, razor-tipped trekking poles and bothies to which any sensible person would be advised to give a very wide berth.

A River Runs Through It

Dull documentary of life in an Ardgour campsite in November. Picked up five awards at last year's Venice festival.


A Best Soundtrack award is a possibility for Pink Floyd's acclaimed live concept album about the sudden death, on Beinn Eunaich in 1950, of Percy Unna, the sugar daddy who gave the NTS the funds to print endless glossy leaflets about Glen Coe, Torridon and Ben Lawers.

Best of the rest...

The Last Kinder Scout

Die Hard in League of Gentlemen country as Bruce Willis reprises his 1991 role as LA private eye Joe Hallenbeck to solve a murder in the seedy Cheshire Panhandle. Gritty.

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Bagman Begins

Camera crews follow Steve Perry in the early days of his attempt on a winter round of Munros. Co-starring Robin Howie as Robin and Jim Perrin as the Joker.


Back-on-form Woody Allen comedy with the bespectacled Lembit Opik lookalike popping up uninvited at completion parties, club meets and discount nights in Tiso.

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