The Angry Corrie 65: Jul-Sep 2005

New hills: Ben Edict XVI

image from The Angry Corrie

Ferocious German mountain, severe on all sides, leans to the right from most viewpoints. Might not seem hard at first glance, but appearances are deceptive, as many free or "liberation" climbers have found to their cost, particularly those visiting from the Central American and Andean ranges. Much harder than Ben Stara V.

First brought to public attention in "From Ratagan to Vatican", a 1976 report by Professor Ian Lancaster, reader in theology at The Angry University. Lancaster noted that "cardinal" is an anagram of "cairn lad", a clear indication of God's will at work in the election of the new pontiff.

See also: the Popes of Jura, the Mitre Ridge, Corrie Ten Boom, the Right to Rome.

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