The Angry Corrie 63: Dec 2004-Feb 2005

Scafell and Scargill, Strangeways and Sgreamhach - Quiz 04/05

A shorter quiz than usual this year, but probably no easier for that. The winner will receive a copy of A Bit of Grit on Haystacks (see page 11 for details) along with a TAC subscription top-up. The runner-up will get the Graham Tops booklet and a sub, while third place merits a mere sub. Maximum score 100. Deadline: 19/1/05. Post to TAC, 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND or email by 9pm that day.

1 In 2004...

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1a. Where could you find Ben Macbothyburgle? (2)

1b. Which professional Bagger first went on tour in March? (2)

1c. Which former England cricket captain was listed as having completed the Munros? (2)

1d. Which TV presenter described Ben Nevis as having "emotional majesty"? (2)

1e. Which one of the following was deposited on Ben Nevis as part of a photoshoot: (a) lion, (b) Trabant car, (c) sofa, (d) secretary of Giggleswick Women's Institute? (2)

1f. Which one of the following was built at over 3000 metres on Mont Blanc: (a) Buddhist shrine (b) wind farm, (c) war memorial, (d) toilet? (2)

1g. A storage depot was built underneath the Swiss Alps for which one of the following: (a) nuclear waste, (b) carbon dioxide, (c) asylum seekers (d) cheese? (2)

2 AW, c'mon

To mark the publication of A Bit of Grit on Haystacks - and because the editor seems to have been thinking about little else all year - here are a few Wainwright-related questions.

Plug the gaps in these sequences (1+1 each sequence)

2a. 35, 36, __, 30, 24, __, 33

2b. 7, 6, 3,__, 4, 5, __

2c. Clough Head, -, Raven Crag, Scafell, -, Grasmoor, Yewbarrow

Which fell? (At least one from each of the seven guidebooks.)

2d. 4:7 above Kent

2e. Buy cakes here

2f. Does Jack climb this?

2g. Keeps an eye on pussies and pigs

2h. Wear this beside the 'umber

2i. Chuck things at Scargill

2j. Here's to you, missus

2k. Broken tram wheel

(1 each)

3 What connects...?

3a. 159m Bruach na Sean-pheighinne with Xanadu and Strangeways? (2)

3b. Gazza with Creag Dhubh at Newtonmore? (2)

3c. Jamie Cox in Nottingham with TAC's editor on Stob Coire Sgreamhach on 5 September 2004? (2)

4 Music, Marsco, please!

This composite lyric comprises hill-related lines from eight songs, some well-known, some less so. The lyric-chunks are kept together, but may have been repunctuated. Name the songs. (1 each)

I have shat upon the hillside,
Neck deep in cushion clover, and it gets higher.
Day by day I've stumbled on the side
Of twelve misty mountains,
To build a mountain of envy.
Going down a bumpy hillside, in your hippy hat,
He said let's make love on a mountain top,
Under the stars on a big hard rock.
A week in the Lakes, reasonable rates,
Or go to Skye on my holiday.

5 Pennine pints

5a. A leading character in which 2004 novel is a retired lecturer at "the University of the Pennine Way"? (2)

5b. What ongoing hill-related series started in 1890 with the phrase "Let thy words be few..."? (2)

5c. The final sentence of which book (which reached a significant anniversary in 2004) includes "...he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower..."? (2)

5d. Which well-known hill author wrote: "Using the one-inch map, a walker may spend all day frigging about in an area represented by two square inches"? (2)

5e. Name the only book published by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust (or Club) written by a woman. (2)

5f. Which award-winning novel, first published in paperback in 2004, includes "Marilyn" and "Hall of Fame" in the same sentence? (2)

5g. Which fat boy's autobiography, published in 2004, includes this: "So I got to the end and I went tac, inside..."? (2)

5h. According to the second edition of the SMC's Corbetts guidebook (but not the first edition), which hill has a "crowning trig pint"? (2)

6 Consthillations

These grids represent sections of map relating to eight Scottish hills. Each little square represents a 1km grid square, and the shaded squares contain the summit of a Murdo (M), Corbett (C), Graham (G), Corbett Top (CT) or Graham Top (GT). White squares might well contain high ground, but do not contain any summit over 610m with 30m drop. Your task is to identify the highest point of the consthillation in each instance. A breakdown of top-types for each question is given. (2 each)

image from The Angry Corrie

7 Rambling on

7a. In September 2004, the Ramblers Association advertised for members using five numbers: 14, 77%, 2,500, __, 4 million. The second of these is the percentage of the population walking for pleasure each month. What is the missing fourth number and what does it represent? (1+1)

7b. Which Rambler was killed off by the Ramblers Association late in 2003? (2)

7c. Which summit has a plaque offering the following load of pap: "In Loving Memory of Our Precious Son Christopher Albert McLaughlan Aged 2 yrs in 9th Sept 1996 was killed in a tragic road accident who now walks this mountain"? (2)

7d. ach, cameron has rigged mountain scoring is an anagram of a Munro, a Corbett and a Graham. Name the hills. (1+1+1)

7e. What connects the 7d hills and makes each unique in its class? (2)

7f. Which Munro Top shares this feature? (1)

7g. Construct an alternative anagram of the three 7d hills including the words "mcneish" and "mountain". (2)

8 Never say Nevis again

Complete these sequences. Each one ends on top of Ben Nevis (apart from the one where it's in the middle).

image from The Angry Corrie

8a. 872, ___, 812, 1040, 1344

8b. 1183, 1214, 1309, ___, 1344

8c. 1244, 143, ___, 1040, 1344

8d. 998, c1280, 1344, ___, 843

8e. 966, 986, ___, 1147, 1344

8f. 812, ___, 966, 992, 1344 (2 each)

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