The Angry Corrie 62: Jul-Sep 2004

The return of the horn man

An update on the Lawers parking situation (see TAC57, p19). Mr Cameron Thomson, the crafter of horn, is still charging 5 for hillwalkers, with his notice adding that parking is at own risk (so the implied value of his "keeping an eye on it" is formally disimplied in favour of pure profiteering). The crafter has an amusing sign, "Lawers Toll", among his housefront bricabrac (or brickbats). However, the Ben Lawers Hotel has bulldozed out an extra car park, with space for about 15, and its new noticeboard declares that walkers are welcome to use it on the understanding that we spend some money at the hotel afterwards. For those not intending to devour hotel food or drinks, there is informal verge parking for one behind a phone pole immediately east.

The layby at NN655381 (opposite Craggantoul) is signed "access to Ben Lawers from Visitor Centre", as if to suggest that there isn't access to Ben Lawers from the track that goes up just 400 metres to the west of the layby. But there is, of course. However, the route by Lawers Burn, Lochan nan Cat and the Stuc/Fhithich col is really nice. And little used, judging by the way that the quite nice green fleece dropped beside the loch had lain long enough for voles to raid it for nest material. It's still wearable, if the owner reads this and writes in to say what was in the pockets.

Ronald Turnbull

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