The Angry Corrie 60: Jan-Feb 2004

The Angry Shop

For full details of all the precious things on sale in the Angry Shop, see p11 of TAC59. Mention must however be made here of the long-awaited Graham Tops and Grahamists, the first TACit Press production since 1999 and completing the series of Scottish 2000ft tops with 30m of drop. GTaG details 994 summits (the 224 Grahams plus 770 GTMs, GTCs and GTGs, in the jargon) and is jointly compiled by Alan Dawson, James Gordon and Clem Clements, and illustrated by Chris Tyler. 44 A5 pages, it will be available in Feb for 4 (4.50 incl p&p). Fancy a copy? Please send a cheque (made out to TACit Press) to the usual address: TACit Press, 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling FK9 5ND. You'll be gagging (or GTaGing) to be bagging.

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