The Angry Corrie 60: Jan-Feb 2004

Hamish Brown and Harry Griffin? - Quiz 03/04

Roll up, roll up, you lucky people. Stuart Benn might be at the centre of a correspondence Corrievreckan (see TAC59, p17 and this issue pp10-12), but surely the real question is whether he and Barbara Brodie can retain their quiz title and win for an unprecedented fifth time overall. If they do, they will collect the at-long-last Graham Tops booklet (see p13 for how to acquire a copy the orthodox way), a T-shirt and a six-issue booster to their TAC subscription. If they don't win, someone else gets their stuff. The second-and third-placed entries will receive less of the same. From the known whereabouts of various regular quizzers, entries are anticipated from the Gulf and from South America, so it behoves less peripatetic readers to enter from locations between Hove and Herma Ness. So roll up, roll up... Maximum score 100. Deadline: 4/2/04. Post to TAC, 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND or email by 9pm that day.

1 In 2003

1a Which "keen walker" died on Harrowdown Hill? (2)

1b What did an ex-Royal Marine carry from Liverpool to Snowdon in early June? (2)

1c Also in June, who took a Campsie Fells fall but recovered (albeit unsuccessfully)? (2)

1d Why did Harry Griffin make a public statement about sheep? (2)

1e What widely ignored map was published on the last day of April? (2)

1f Of which country did Mastermind contestant David Thompson think Carrantouhil was the highest point? (2)

1g Where did Ben Arthur make it into a group of eight, having been in a group of 15 in 2002? (2)

image from TAC60

2 Maps, mostly

2a Where in the UK is South America? And what islands lie approximately

(i) 1/2km to the south-east and (ii) 11/2km to the south-west? (1+1/2+1/2)

2b Conventionally, what is the height of Beinn a'Chroin to within 30 metres? (2)

2c If Grahams are green and Corbetts are orange, what colour are Munros? (2)

2d Fill in the gaps: 20 Loch Assynt, ______, E Rothiemurchus, _____, 47 Glenfinnan Viaduct, 68 Papa Little. (1+1)

2e Where is the highest contour ring on a current OS British map that doesn't end in zero? (2)

2f What is the highest contour ring on a current OS British map? (2)

3 The bag of the net

Eleven crossword-style clues, each suggesting a UK football ground. Example: March along the glen. Answer: Valley Parade (home of Bradford City). Of the 11 teams, three currently play in the English Premiership, four in the Nationwide League, two in the Nationwide Conference and two in the Scottish leagues (non-SPL).

3a Dig deep on top

3b Featureless heatherland

3c Home town for baggers

3d Home for Becks in Cumbria and Durham

3e Pick up between Loch and Lake District

3f Ground beneath the summit

3g Between the hill and the hill

3h Stop the car after seeing a Donald

3i The compass points to grass

3j Jaap has two river crossings

3k High Street

(1 per question + 1 bonus for all correct)

4 Writers reign

4a Speaking on Radio 4 about the breakup of his marriage, which writer (popularly associated with 3a) said: "There's a sort of small hill between us"? (2)

4b Which magazine, in the course of its review of the SMC Corbetts guidebook, named the list's compiler as "James Rooke Corbett" and then on the same page ran a competition with only one question: "What is Corbett's full name?" (2)

4c Which well-known walker, in an Edinburgh Festival supplement published by The Scotsman, ended her interview by saying: "Bagging Munros is a dick-on-table exercise." (2)

4d Hamish Brown is named in the credits for which two massive-selling 2003 pop CDs? (1+1)

4e White Maiden and Walna Scar and nothing else. Explain. (2)

4f Complete the following sequence, taken from the penultimate page of a bestselling 1990s travel book: beans on toast, ______, stinging nettles, ______, Ordnance Survey maps, crumpets. (1+1)

4g Which leading churchman answered a query about God's existence in the context of suffering by saying "Every hill has a way down as well as a way up"? And which writer, in whose 2003 book this quotation appears, commented that it "Didn't seem to me a very helpful observation"? (1+1)

4h "A large piece of dried dung found in mountainous terrain above the cowline which leads the experienced tracker to believe that hikers have recently passed." Which Marilyn, described in which book? (1+1)

5 Abroad minded

5a Where is Trig Island? (2)

5b Who climbed a German mountain for the first time on 16 August 1876, then repeated the ascent next day disguised as someone else? (Note that this has subsequently happened many times, often in non-mountainous areas.) (2)

5c Which Donald fan couldn't cheat death on Cradock Peak? (2)

5d Which pair of TV cartoon characters appeared in a movie in which it was revealed that they were brought up in "Highland, elevation 750ft"? (2)

5e A sign at the edge of the village of New Cuyama in California has four lines, each with a word and a number. The first three lines are as shown:

Population 562
Elevation 2150
Founded 1951
? ?

What does the fourth line say? (1+1)

6 Abbrev

6a-6r Two sets of 18 abbreviations, each ordered alphabetically. Your task is to construct 18 pairs, one from each list each time. List 1 comprises abbreviations of 18 hilltop objects (where each is on or very close to the summit). List 2 comprises abbreviations of 18 hills. Example: WTP, Weird Triangulation Pillar, would be paired with CH, Corryhabbie Hill (which for some reason has a strange squat trig with a heavy metal lid on it, as does Brown Muir near Elgin). All words are abbreviated, ie Pile Of Stones would be POS, not PS.

Three of the hills are in England, seven in Wales and eight in Scotland (comprising two Munros, one deleted Munro, one Graham, two lowly Marilyns and two others).

image from TAC60

List 1 List 2
MTP12/55 MYG
WA (or WBA) WS

(36pts available in all: 1/2 for each correct pairing, 1/2 for the full name of each hill, and 1 for the full name of each summit object)

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