The Angry Corrie 56: Jan-Mar 2003

Observing the buttock? The right to Rame? (Quiz)

Here we go again: another winter of quiz discontent. As we've now had ten contests, time for a few stats. A total of 59 individuals or teams have entered at least once, with the Stuart Benn / Barbara Brodie pairing appearing eight times, followed by Graham Benny, Wolf Gruellich and Barbara Jones: seven each. Fifteen individuals/ teams have been placed, and if a win, second and third are counted as 3:2:1 respectively, then each of Benn / Brodie, Brenda Lowndes / Dave Tyson and Peter Shaw / Bruce Smith have scored 9pts overall. The Jim Willsher / Wendy Mann pairing has 8pts, then come Ian Baines (last year's winner) and Graham Pearson, both with four. Will the career ten-point barrier be broken this time? We'll see. As ever, the winner(s) will receive great booty (including, er, the TACit books originally due for publication in 2001). We definitely have shirts and subs on offer, and the three highest-placed finishers will be suitably rewarded. The booby prize is one of the old Pathfinder maps, NC15, Ardmore Point. This includes rather a lot of sea. Max score 100. Deadline: 5/2/03. Post to TAC, 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND or email by 9pm that day.

1 In 2002: News

1a Where did a failed traverse of Point 2182 lead to seven deaths? (2)

1b What financial story featured one of the Lowthers and some expensive erosion? (2)

1c What hill man was handed 135 after clocking up 321,888 miles? (2)

1d What connected the Munros with the Burrell collection? (2)

1e Which SubMarilyn received an October delivery of water? (2)

2 In 2002: Sport

2a What happened when Joss Naylor ran beneath Cleeve Hill? (2)

2b What weatherbeaten loser said: "I'm going to go home, put some shorts and a T-shirt on and go for a walk"? (2)

2c Which major sporting event banned camping inside its stadia? (2)

2d How, in mid-January, did Arran feature in a world record? (2)

2e Encamp H05A08. Explain. (2)

3 In 2002: TV and shopping

3a What doctor's list began: "Sail around the world, climb Mount Kilimanjaro..."? (2)

3b Which Channel 4 series featured a society called "Cartographers for social equality"? (2)

3c Which fictional character was "conceived behind a large boulder on Helvellyn"? (2)

3d Whose advertising pitch was: "Get your hands on a contour"? (2)

3e Typical energy value: 1587 kilojoules, 374 kilocalories. Which Grahams? (2)

4 In 2002: Literature

4a Which book deleted 67 Munro Tops? (2)

4b Which map created a familiar Munro in an unfamiliar location? (2)

4c The maps of which dead poet, along with a doodle of a duck, ended up in the library? (2)

4d Whose latest novel was described in the Metro as having "the emotional subtlety of an Ordnance Survey map. It's about as flat too."? (2)

4e The new SMC guide unveils which Corbett? (2)

4f What book, published annually, divides Scotland into the 27 regions shown here (see left)? (2)

5 Now and then

5a Where was a hill discovered to be made from the remains of half a million sheep? (2)

5b Which sport was initially played under Naismith's Rules? (2)

5c LM407791 220902. Where? (2)

5d What hill won the Grand Notional? (2)

5e It used to be around 100m wide with 30m drop. Now the drop is about 15m. Which inverse Munro, created on a green field site 861/2 years ago? (2)

6 Contiguous contours

These five illustrations show enlargements (at 141%) of index contours at various heights for five Scottish hills. The first is what the hill in question would be like if cut off at 600m, the second at 700m and so on up to 1000m. You have to identify the hills. By way of a clue, the Landranger map for one of the five shares edges with the Landrangers for the other four. The overall height of each hill is in its respective "100m band", ie the 600m contour is from a hill no higher than 699m, the 700m contour is from a hill no higher than 799m, etc. No hill or map features twice. (2 points each)

7 Tops the god

7a Which Marilyn Munro has most SubMarilyns, and how many? (1+1)

7b Which Munro has most Graham Tops, and how many? (1+1)

7c Which Corbett has most Graham Tops, and how many? (1+1)

7d Which Graham has most Graham Tops, and how many? (1+1)

7e Which Graham knocked another Hill off the top in 1962? (2)

8 Twin Peaks - Fiarach walk with me

Using recent OS maps, turn this alphabetical list of hills into five distinct pairs.

One point per correct pair, one point per valid reason.

Beinn a'Chreachain
Beinn nan Eachan
Ben Macdui
Bredon Hill
Fionn Choire
Ronas Hill
Sgurr a'Choire-rainich
Sgurr Sgumain
The Bochel

9 Corrie Insano

The following 12 phrases derive from 12 hill-related phrases/names, each of which has been translated from English into five other languages (Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French although not in that order) and back into English each time. Your task is to work out the original phrase in each case. Those with web access will find the relevant Lost in Translation software at, where candidate phrases can be typed in and translated. If you don't have web access, or can't be bothered logging on, then the questions can still be attempted with reference to the original sources. They're not all as hard as they might at first look. The parenthetical number after each phrase refers to the number of words in the original phrase. Each set of three questions includes one hill name.

Examples: (i) Peak of the Horseman (2) is the translation of Knight's Peak (from Corbett Tops and Corbetteers). Not too hard, that. (ii) Garantiz I of the tin he who is not ill of the alcohol (8) is the translation of I can assure you that I'm not mad (from TAC55, p16). Trickier. (18pts total: 1.5 for each answer if absolutely correct, 1 if almost right, 1/2 for a reasonable attempt or wrong but good)

From Munro's Tables (1997 edition):

9a Structure of the cut (2)

9b in the zone of the sketch (4)

9c The emergency is not always possible (5)

From TAC55:

9d Banns of the point and the paranoicos proprietors (5)

9e Very surely (2)

9f I must produce in the layer of the situation, mine that esteem the characteristic of the midgie (11)

From Corbett Tops and Corbetteers:

9g Corbett had to collapse the association of fagotto (8)

9h As observing the buttock with all the list gathered (6)

9i The red one of deers had fallen (2)

From OS Landranger 44:

9j Tree of the activator of the exit of the delivery of the mountain (3)

9k Luminous assembly (2)

9l Devices of the cliff (2)

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