The Angry Corrie 52: Dec 2001 - Feb 2002

Grant Hutchison's Hill Dictionary

skoptsy (s'koptsi) n.
[The Skopts, a Russian sect much enamoured of the practice.]
Hill usage: "Jeez-o, I was close to skoptsy dangling on top of that deer fence. Did you not hear me yelling?"
snoove (snuv) v intr.
To glide steadily and purposefully
[Old Norse snua, to twirl or cause to turn]
Hill usage: "So when we smelt that stew, we just naturally snooved straight over to their tent."
abderian (ab'derien) adj.
Pertaining to foolish or excessive laughter
[Thracian city of Abdera, birthplace of Democritus, the "laughing philosopher"]
Hill usage: "So I was leading this ludicrous overhanging pitch with wet ice everywhere, and the sleet started - I tell you, I got a wee bit abderian for a while."

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