The Angry Corrie 52: Dec 2001 - Feb 2002

Digitac watch

Good news from the cyberfront. The entire collection of TACs, including the complete text of every issue from 1 to 52, is now available online at All issues are now in HTML, with the plain-text versions from 1994 (when TAC was accessible via telnet and gopher) recently upgraded. The collection is searchable too, which surely must help with one or two quiz answers.

So a big thank you to Ian Baines, who digitised four of the early issues (TAC 8-11), to Robin Campbell for TACs 3 and 4, and to Alun-Peter Fisher, Denise Currie and Les Smillie, for TACs 5, 6 and 7 respectively. The project would never have been completed without their help and encouragement, and this is very much appreciated. Thanks also to the good people of the BUBL Information Service at Strathclyde University, who continue to provide our digital home.

It's not yet laurel-resting time, however, as there are still quite a few graphics missing. All the early issues are complete, up to TAC25, but there are missing Murdos, Swans and Tylers in the 20s, 30s and 40s. These will be added over the coming months as time permits. The formatting is also being enhanced - nothing fancy of course (we're staying fairly minimalist), just making better use of fonts, tables and stylesheets. And there might be other features in due course, such as an author index and a topic index. After all, we have a big collection of stuff, with a lot of excellent and intelligent writing as well as a tremendous amount of guff and a fair sprinkling of silliness, which is as it should be. Maybe it's time to puff out our chests a bit more, be proud of what TAC has achieved (not sure what that is exactly) and be more confident and assertive, both on-line and offline.

And anyway, we have to keep ahead of the competition. Not the likes of TGO, which remains offline and just gets more bland and error-prone as it gets glossier and dearer, but the other online TAC, which coincidentally also has 52 online issues. To discover what this other TAC is you'll need to access TAC52 online - the first (and probably the last) time we've played this annoying trick. The Adventure Continues.

Alan Blanco

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