The Angry Corrie 52: Dec 2001 - Feb 2002

Bound to win a prize (the Quiz)

Another year, another quiz, so here's the latest seasonal selection of brain bogglers. Last year saw an epic struggle between two pairings, Peter Shaw / Bruce Smith versus Wendy Mann / Jim Willsher, with Shaw / Smith scraping home by half a point in the end. But will the 1998/1999 double winners come roaring back this time? Or will it be some other old favourite, or even someone new? Last year only 12 people/teams entered, which was a bit dismal. Let's see if we can beat that this time. As ever, the winner(s) will be showered with TAC goodies, eg the three books due to be published in 2002: Munro's Fables 2, Murdos revision, Graham Tops. (These are the same three books lined up for 2001, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes.) Also a T-shirt and a subscription booster. Second and third places get less of the same. The backmarking booby gets a copy of Cameron McNeish's 1987 book Let's walk there! - Northern Scotland. Max score 100. Deadline: 6/2/02. Post to TAC, 3 Ferry Orchard, Cambuskenneth, Stirling, FK9 5ND or email by 9pm that day.

1 In 2001

  1. Which Munro did Stephen Broughton, Mark Peacock and Judy Laidlaw come unexpectedly close to bagging in January? (1)
  2. What high point was bought for 40,002.50 per metre? (1)
  3. What 330m pinnacle was listed? (1)
  4. What connected Ben Macdui and Spizzenergi? (1)
  5. On Ben Nevis, who fell down Green Gully in March? (1)
  6. Where were Macleish, Moffat, Matheson and Munro proposed as classes of hill? (1)
  7. ...which one was selected? (1)
  8. ...and where did Ashworth, Beardsell and Corbett feature as classes? (1)
  9. Which English Nuttalls suffered because of a map-reading error? (1)
  10. Who spent 20 million on maps they already had? (1)
  11. With reference to TGO Nov 2001, complete the sequence: Sow of Atholl, Boar of Badenoch, --- --- --- ---? (1)
  12. Who or what were the first to discover a sheersided monolith? (1)

2 Playing away

  1. In September 2001, an Antipodean earthquake struck the hill with the world's longest single-word name. How many As got a good shaking, and how many Ks? (1+1)
  2. What links Jongsong, Zapaleri, Sabinio and Naafkopf? (2)
  3. In 2001, what gear came safely back from Everest but hit trouble on a south London sports ground? (2)
  4. Despite early attempts to harmonise triangulation officially, Ordnance Survey area mapping authorities began introducing numerous landmarks and documenting easy navigation. In which country? (2)

3 Sounding off

In each instance, one point for the missing word(s), one point for the artist:

  1. This lightning storm / This tidal wave / This ____ / I'm not afraid [2001]
  2. Like roses grow in a churchyard / Her skin as white as the milk / Just like a ____ ____ / Under a Manila silk [1994]
  3. We're going over the country / And into ____ ____ / To look for a home [1997]
  4. Tuba players now rehearse around the flagpole / And the ____ ____ at a profit sells road maps for the soul [1965]
  5. The ferry leaves from Oban every day / And passes ____ on the way [late 1980s]

4 Flying high

If you were a bagging bird and could land on summits, how many 1km grid squares would you need to visit to bag: 4a All the Munros? 4b All the Murdos? 4c All the SMC Corbetts? 4d All the Grahams? (1 each)

4e Odd bird out: eagle, gannet, ptarmigan, starling, thrush? (2)

4f Which one of the following has Vanessa Tube not been on: (i) An Cruachan 435m, (ii) Beinn a'Chuirn 603m, (iii) Meikle Bin 570m, (iv) Sgor Dubh 741m? (2)

4g How high is Height? (2)

4h A dent in Tiso on a $20 million expedition. Explain. (2)

42 Which literary character might also be known as Cobbler Long Barrow? (2)

5 Sinking low

  1. Who said this on TV: "Either you're one for The Great Outdoors, or you're not. Myself, I am."
  2. (i) Muriel Gray (ii) Cameron McNeish (iii) Kylie Minogue (iv) Hilda Ogden (2)
  3. Here are three men who were in the news during 2001, plus Cameron McNeish. Which one is the editor-in-chief of TGO? (3pts total: 1.5 for spotting McNeish + 1/2 each for correctly identifying the other three)

  • In what context is Merrick a Sutherland Donald? (2)
  • What name links Arthur Paul in 1895 and Leslie Shadbolt in 1911? (2)
  • Which OS Landranger is the only place to camp? (2) Which two OS Explorers are best for B&B? (2)
  • Which popular novel features a cat reading a map on its second page? (2)
  • rsc tms hv rcvrd bdy m49 frm bthy. fnl cmmnctn ws txt msg 2 hs prtnr. msg rd: jst bggd mndh&bhrtn, hv fnshd grms. hp&klbrck ystrdy. nly 8 lft: cthrmhnn, nch, m, ghn, brg, chch, n&thrn. wht wr hs 8 nbggd mnrs? (4pts ttl: 1/2 pr mnr)
  • 6 50 TACs ago

    We don't normally go in for self-indulgence, but 50 issues of TAC were clocked up during 2001, so here are a few retro questions to test long-term allegiance to your favourite hillzine. Obviously readers with a complete set of back issues are at an advantage. Others might wish to make use of

    1. Where might you encounter the slightly phosphorescent man and the inconsequential man? (1)
    2. In a charity impaling event proposed by TAC, how much would each impaling raise? (1)
    3. According to Reg, what are "a healthy outdoor pursuit"? (1)
    4. Which book was referred to as "vastly overpriced", "hardcore material", likely to induce "perverted longing"? (1)
    5. In the first 50 TACs, only four Munros were named in full 50 or more times each. Which ones? (1+1+1+1)
    6. By the end of TAC50, TAC had named 232 different Munros. Which two were newly bagged in TAC51, leaving 50 to do? (1+1)
    7. What is TAC's highest unbagged Munro? (1)
    8. How many of TAC's first 1000 pages were filled by Murdo Munro's cartoon strip? (1)
    9. Which two of Murdo Munro's female friends have never appeared in TAC: Hilary Steppe, Anna Purna, Sally Forth, Fiona Sgurr, Molly Munro, Cassandra, Myrtle? (1+1)
    10. Which two have never been reviewed in TAC: public toilets, packet of crisps, football programmes, SMC journal, wall chart, bothy, watch, TV quiz show, art exhibition, safety video, board game? (1+1)

    7 50 years ago

    1. What current regular feature began in 1951 with the words: "Swiftly and silently, but not particularly expertly, we swooped in great curves down the lower slopes and through the larches to the road..."? (2)
    2. Name two men who completed the Munros in 1951, and why does the number 463 connect them? (1/2+1/2+1)
    3. What big thing did Klavs Becker Larsen and H E Riddiford both fail to do in 1951? (2)
    4. What big GMC trip did only Anne Tewnion return from? (2)

    8 Choppy waters

    These 13 answers are all Scottish offshore placenames, arranged into three categories: five islands, then six hills, then two Skye settlements. Each has had a letter removed, such that another word is made, and it is to this shorter word that each clue refers. For example, if coastal features was a category, then Sticks in for a treble (4,5) would give dart point, so the required answer would be Duart Point. Names are grouped by category, with each category arranged from south to north. (1 each)

    1. Sounds like Santa's transport makes a killing (4)
    2. Certainly isn't less (2,4)
    3. Er... (2)
    4. Half-dance in an obscure hoop (4)
    5. Whingeing fish (4)
    6. Mouth examination (4)
    7. Man with a mint (5)
    8. "My father was a fisherman, my mama was a fisherman's friend" (6)
    9. Harangue near Quiraing (4,3)
    10. The album before The Album (7)
    11. First down... (4,2)
    12. Ban Tam from this ground (8)
    13. Meateater (7)

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