The Angry Corrie 49: Apr-May 2001

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The Angry Roadshow

Great excitement: to mark ten years of your favourite hillzine, the first ever TAC gig will take place on Wed 25 April, in the John Smith's bookshop bit of the Tiso superstore in Couper St, Glasgow. Goodness knows how it will turn out, but the plan is that your editor will mumble a few words by way of introduction, after which three TAC favourites will each rant for ten minutes or so:

Alan Blanco
Purple with rage: the Ordnance Survey's top ten blunders
Val Hamilton
When does a walker become a rambler or a climber? When the media choose
Perkin Warbeck
Hill sites on the web: the good, the bad and the ugly

We're also hoping to show some interesting visuals in the gaps between speakers, while TAC's cartoonists, Chris Tyler and the Swan, will most likely be there, Pilot and Rotring pens in hand. Admission is free, fine wines will be served, and everyone is welcome from 7pm for a 7:30pm kick-off. Hope to see you there.

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