The Angry Corrie 49: Apr-May 2001

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Table Mountains (well, hills, actually)

Alan Blanco

Hall Refurbishment

The 2001 issue of Marhofn (the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter) is due out in April. By mid-March 53 of the 58 Hall members had checked in for the year, with five laggards still being hassled for numbers. So far the upper hall (>1000 Marilyns) has 11 members, middle hall (800-999) has 15 members and lower hall (600-799) has 32 members. Most remarkable recent feat has been by Ken Whyte, who climbed 392 new Marilyns in 2000 (surpassing his 316 in 1999). His end-of-year tally of 1202 still sees him trailing the other 1200ers (James Gordon, Rob Woodall and Charles Knowles), as well as the big three in the 1500s (Ann Bowker, Rowland Bowker and Tony Payne). Full details in the new Marhofn.

As for the actual hills, there have been no ratified summit changes, but in January a surveillance team was despatched to section 34C to investigate local rumours that Baystones (aka Wansfell) had grown a couple of metres and was therefore the first deleted Marilyn to be eligible for reinstatement. The survey team found evidence to support the case, and are currently trying to prise conclusive data from the clutches of Harveys and the Ordnance Survey (the Harveys map gives Baystones as 489m at NY403051, the OS 487m at NY403052). Any further news will of course be included in Marhofn. All Hall members will receive a copy of this whether they like it or not. Others on the mailing list will most likely get one too, but anyone wanting to be certain of a copy should send an A4 33p SAE to Marhofn HQ, 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow G14 9LY. Alternatively, ecommerce buffs who prefer to send cybercash can register a credit card with and email a dollar or two to (this is not a joke - it does work).

Occasional Table Talk

An update to the second TACit Table, The Murdos, is now overdue, as the first edition has all but sold out. We are hoping to produce a second edition later this year, using existing data, as the new OS Explorer maps will not be published in time to help. As well as updating the text and changing the method of calculating the drop figures, there will be some important changes to the hill data, such as: New SubMurdos: Beinn a'Chlachair East Top (977m, NN486790) and Meall Glas Choire (924m, NN437727). Moving Murdos: Beinn a'Chroin (942m, NN387185). New heights: Beinn Udlamain (1011m), Beinn a'Chaorainn (1049m), Carn nan Gobhar - Creag Dubh (946m), Knight's Peak (912m).

There will also be various updates and corrections to maps and grid references. There are not known to be any new Murdos at present (there is not enough evidence to promote Knight's Peak). As we've not actually started work on the new edition yet, we would be pleased to hear proposals for other changes, ideally based on some sort of evidence. It's all very well saying that, for example, the east ridge of Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill looks mighty jaggy, but we need something tangible before Murdo or SubMurdo status can be awarded. Please send suggestions or comments to TAC HQ.

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