The Angry Corrie 49: Apr-May 2001

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High-class leisurewear The latest T-shirts from the Milan catwalk are modelled on the cover of TAC48. The fabric is an elegant and enticing shade of ash. Sizes range from a sylph-like M, through a svelte L to a shithouse-size XL. They're great value at 13, or 17 with a six-issue TAC sub. One end-of-line TAC36 shirt, size L, is still festering in the warehouse: 11 or 14 with a sub.

High-brow books The self-explanatory World Tops and Bottoms, by Grant Hutchison, costs 2.40 inc p&p. Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, Alan Dawson and Dave Hewitt, 3.70 (4.20 inc p&p), details 669 tops and 114 Corbetteers. Grahams and the New Donalds (2nd edition), Dawson / Hewitt, 2.80 (3.20), gives 32 jam-packed pages of hill data. Also Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales, Dawson, 2 (2.40); of England, Dawson, 2 (2.40); and of Ireland, Clem Clements, 3.70 (4.20). Hewitts: Hills of England, Wales, Ireland over Two Thousand feet; Marilyns: hills of any height with 150m drop. Munro's Fables, Hutchison / Chris Tyler, 5 (5.50); Walking the Watershed, Hewitt, 6.50 (7.50). All eight books, plus six-issue TAC sub: 30 inc p&p. The Relative Hills of Britain (Cicerone, 1992), Dawson's Big Book of Marilyns, is available for 9 inc p&p. Update sheet and Marilyn Hall of Fame 2000 newsletter free on receipt of an A5 SAE - see p11 for more on this. Oh, and the basic TAC sub still costs 6 for six issues.

Please pay here Cheques: for subs/shirts, The Angry Corrie; for books/booklets, TACit Press.

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