The Angry Corrie 48: Jan-Feb 2001

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At long last (sorry for the delay) the new TAC T-shirts are available. Thanks to all who nominated their favourite recent cover design, but (predictably) this left us none the wiser, as everyone seemed to vote for something different. There was however a strong lobby for the return of the killer sheep, last seen half a decade ago. Although we're not keen on Classic TAC Gold type behaviour, the entirely coincidental appearance of some new killer ovines on TAC48's cover solved the problem, so the new design is this 'ere cover with a red border. The new shirts are not white but "ash" (light grey, basically) and they come in sizes M, L and XL. They're great value at 13, or 17 with a six-issue TAC sub. Two old designs remain available: TAC36 cover, L only: 11 or 14 with a sub. TAC33 cover, L, M: 10 or 13 with sub.

Books: The self-explanatory World Tops and Bottoms, by Grant Hutchison, costs 2.40 inc p&p. Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, Alan Dawson and Dave Hewitt, 3.70 (4.20 inc p&p), details 669 tops and 114 Corbetteers (with an update on pp4-6 here). Grahams and the New Donalds (2nd edition), Dawson / Hewitt, 2.80 (3.20), gives 32 fun-packed pages of hill data. Also Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales, Dawson, 2 (2.40); of England, Dawson, 2 (2.40); and of Ireland, Clem Clements, 3.70 (4.20). Hewitts: Hills of England, Wales, Ireland over Two Thousand feet; Marilyns: hills of any height with 150m drop. Munro's Fables, Hutchison / Chris Tyler, 5 (5.50); Walking the Water-shed, Hewitt, 6.50 (7.50). All eight books, plus six-issue TAC sub: 30 inc p&p. The Relative Hills of Britain (Cicerone, 1992), Dawson, the Big Book of Marilyns, is available for 9 inc p&p. Update sheet and Marilyn Hall of Fame 2000 newsletter free on receipt of an A5 SAE. Basic TAC sub - 6 for six issues.

Cheques: Subs/shirts: The Angry Corrie. Books: TACit Press. (TACit Press, 2 Abbey Road Place, Stirling, FK8 1LN.)

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