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TACit Tables Update: Grahamists, Donaldists, Corbetteers

There have been no new TACit Tables in 2000 ("I only do them in odd-numbered years" - Alan Blanco), but readers will recall that 1999 saw two well received booklets. First came the revised edition of The Grahams and the New Donalds (GraND2), followed by the spanking new Corbett Tops and Corbetteers (CTaC). Both primarily consisted of hill lists compiled by Alan, but both were bolstered by people data collated by TAC's editor. For all that there is a squad of well over 2000 listed Munroists, no attempt had been made to compile coherent completion lists for the lower Scottish categories. Hence much corres-pondence and archive-rummaging ensued, leading to initial lists of five Grahamists, 55 Donaldists and 114 Corbetteers.

Information has continued to come in over the succeeding year or so, and the numbers have increased consider-ably. So it's (relatively) high time for an update. In the sections which follow, the table of Grahamists is complete insofar as is currently known - the initial famous five are given, plus ten latecomers. For Donaldists and Corbett-eers, only additions are given here - the original batches of baggers can be found in the published booklets.

In each listing it will be seen that not all "new" names are in fact new: several have been uncovered from days gone by, and further information on early completions remains particularly welcome. Beneath each listing come brief notes followed by a section of amendments to the earlier data. In some cases this involves correcting way-ward details, while more precise dates and locations are also given - most notably for the remarkable Anne Littlejohn, whose Corbett completion, previously dated simply "1960s", has now been nailed, date-perfect.

It's a neat irony that no list of completionists should ever make any pretence at completeness. People will always be absent - through choice, or simply through being unaware of the list - but TACit Press remains keen to hear of non-Munro completions. Please submit details via 2 Abbey Road Place, Stirling, FK8 1LN, or 01786 450047, or

Word of a name from years ago by has a habit of making your editor's day, and hopefully more such days lie ahead. Expect another set of updates in a year or so.

Grahams: Scottish hills 610m - 761m inclusive; 150m of drop on all sides. 15 known completions.

  First Graham Last Graham 
Colin DodgsonGrasmereStac Pollaidh15/10/35Beinn a'Mhuinidh4/7/84
AnonymousFormerly Rhu   1994
Andrew TempletonDalgety BayCreagan a'Chaise8/85Carn a'Ghille Chearr21/6/97
Andrew AllumRickmansworthBeinn Bharrain3/96Scaraben7/97
Andrew DempsterForgandennyTinto1975Cauldcleuch Head30/10/97
Peter LincolnMoldEttrick Pen9/89Creag Bhalg25/6/98
Ann BowkerPortinscaleSgurr an Fhidhleir1970Trallval12/5/99
Bert BarnettRattrayMount Blair1965Hartaval23/4/00
Brian CurleLinlithgowGreen Lowther1990Marsco18/5/00
Don SmithiesLeedsStac Pollaidh12/54Beinn Mheadhoin (18C)14/6/00
James GordonAberarderStac Pollaidh7/91Beinn Ghobhlach25/6/00
Graham IllingMontroseStac Pollaidh8/82Blackcraig Hill8/7/00
Ken WhyteFort WilliamCat Law1968Beinn Bharrain11/7/00
Jim TeesdaleArdersierMarsco6/57Carn a'Chaochain24/9/00
Stuart BennCullodenBen Venue1976Suilven5/11/00

What is notable here, apart from the small number of completions, is that everyone finished on different hills. Quite how long this happy trend will continue remains to be seen, but a ratio of 224:224 seems unlikely. Recent finishers have primarily used Alan Blanco's list, whether in RHB, TACit or SMC form. In the pre-Graham era (ie before 1992), various hillgoers maintained their own, often very accurate, lists: the anonymous 1994 completer did this, for instance. As was discussed in GraND2, Willie Docharty's 1962 supplement to his hill tables detailed almost the same set of hills as later logged by Alan, the only substantive differences relating to hills which at the time were believed to be outwith the 2000-2499ft height range (Corwharn, Ladylea Hill, Ben Aslak and Creag Dhubh Mor). The one hill which Docharty appears to have missed was Biod an Fhithich. So, with these tables in circulation from 1962 onwards (admittedly only in 300 privately printed copies), there was plenty of scope for pre-Graham Grahamists. Thus far the only confirmed person is the late Colin Dodgson, but further names might emerge in due course. It is likely, for instance, that Ann Bowker was not the first female completer - although at present, in the absence of watertight data to the contrary, she should continue to be regarded as such.

New Donalds: Scottish non-highland hills over 610m; 30m drop. 76 known completers, 21 listed here.

  First Donald Last Donald 
Willie NicollAyrBenyellary31/5/61Windy Gyle20/10/89
William ShandCrook of DevonThe Law1933Knee of Cairnsmore20/7/91
Colin CrawfordBiggarWhite Coomb4/84Millfore1/96
Andrew AllumRickmansworthMerrick9/94Caerloch Dhu3/96
Gordon Barbour   Blackcraig Hill23/5/96
Andrew SmithDollarKing's Seat Hilllate 1950sScaw'd Law2/10/96
Eddie DealtryKillearnSwatte Fell3/2/93Millfore22/11/97
Peter WilsonPortstewart, NIBenyellary30/7/81Beinn nan Eun1/8/99
Frances WilsonPortstewart, NIBenyellary30/7/81Cauldcleuch Head3/8/99
Walter BaxterGalashielsBroad Law17/8/93Meall Clachach19/9/99
Mike SmithEarlstonCairnsmore of Fleet26/7/82Knee of Cairnsmore6/10/99
Bob FowlerEdinburghBow13/7/74Notman Law30/10/99
Ken StewartCoatbridgeBen Cleuch30/5/83Comb Law22/11/99
Willie WaughEdinburghBenyellary20/6/59Knee of Cairnsmore20/5/00
Bruce SmithBroxburnTinto1990Knee of Cairnsmore31/5/00
Graham IllingMontroseBenyellary29/5/88Blackcraig Hill8/7/00
Rhona FraserTurriffCorserine20/7/79Meikle Mulltaggart18/8/00
Ken WhyteFort WilliamInnerdownie1971King's Seat Hill25/8/00
David HoyleBuxton  Meikle Millyea27/10/00

Rounds have also been completed by Rae Graham and the late Alec Westwood (both Edinburgh), although details are not known. Both completed Corbetts (Graham in 1994, Westwood date unknown) and Graham completed Munros in 1976. Westwood's rounds pre-date 12/7/80, when he died on the hills above Glen Finnan. (See CTaC p42, SMCJ32 p184.) He is believed to have finished Donalds before Corbetts. Both Ptarmigan Club; Graham ex-LSCC.

Andrew Allum made a remarkable expedition. During 1995-7, with only four short breaks, he meandered round Welsh and English 2000ers (W+E), Donalds, Grahams (G), Corbetts (C), Munros (M) and Tops. M94,97; C97; G97; E+W (year u/k). New Donalds.

Gordon Barbour used the 1953 list. M73. Walter Baxter, M99, writes: "Living in the Borders, I feel at home on many of these hills, but have to say that the Galloway hills were a true delight". Colin Crawford added NDs, 8/97; completed a 2000-mile walk around Britain with 300,000ft of ascent. Eddie Dealtry added NDs, 14/3/98. M95. Aims to finish Corbetts+Grahams over the same w/e in 2001. Bob Fowler thought he had completed on Millfore, 6/6/99, but had been using old tables. Added NDs, 8/3/99. M97. Highways Hillwalking Club, but climbed most Donalds alone. M97. Rhona Fraser, a double Corbetteer (see CTaC) is also M84,94,00.

David Hoyle has visited all 50ft contours above 2000ft in Britain outwith the Highlands and Islands. M92. Graham Illing - a joint Grahams/Donalds completion. M98; C98. Willie Nicoll, SMC, M66,89.

Willie Shand, M68, died in 1999. He built a cairn in his garden using a stone from each Munro, with a chunk of In Pinn gabbro on top.

Andrew Smith used the 1984 list "including the Tops and Rings and Cheviots to be sure ... Undoubtedly the best were the Dungeon Hills and the worst Dundreich to Blackhope Scar." Climbed the Artney NDs, 27/7/94, "which I have long believed should have been included".

Bruce Smith completed with his friend Peter Shaw, plus TAC's editor and proof-reader. As will be seen, Mike Smith had a curious start/finish: "it took me over 17 years to cover the intervening mile between these two tops".

Ken Stewart, M94, qualified four times for the Scottish amateur golf championship between 1974-9 and finished second equal in the 1967 Scottish chess championship. Willie Waugh's last main summit was Larg Hill, 30/4/00. Ken Whyte has gone hill-mad these past couple of years, racking up 401 Marilyns inside 12 months during 1999-2000. M84, C00, G00.

Peter and Frances Wilson, both M90, are overseas completers: every Scottish trip requires a journey across the North Channel.

Amendments to earlier Donaldist data (see GraND2, pp24-27):

Kevan Aitken lived in Auchinleck at the time of his round.

Phil Cooper completed on 6/1/79, not the next day as given. Subsequently completed New Donalds on Uamh Bheag, 23/8/99.

Gavin Corbett lived in Auchinleck but later moved to Edinburgh. Stood as a Green candidate for the Scottish parliament. First Donald: Corran of Portmark, 9/7/80, "part of a four-day hike around Galloway. I was 14 and had a borrowed frame rucksack that split. I ate all my dinners on the first night and starved for the remaining three days." Last Donald: Cauldcleuch Head, 18/8/85, "Cycled down from Snoot and climbed the hill in constant rain in my sannies. Not an auspicious occasion."

Dane Love is a writer on Scottish history, rather than just on Scottish castles as previously stated. Clearer detail has emerged of Matthew Moulton's round, thanks due to his son Stewart who kindly loaned his late father's Munro's Tables. MM's first noted Donald was either White Coomb or Firthhope Rig, 7/12/68, but he was born in 1911, so was almost certainly climbing Donalds pre-1968. His round seems to have been completed on the Corserine group, possibly Meikle Millyea, 24/6/79 (not 1980 as given, although Millfore is not ticked and could have provided a 1980 finish). Elizabeth Pilling is not a member of Grampian Club but was formerly with Edinburgh MC. Matthew Shaw has also completed NDs. His grandfather was Graham Macphee, not Graeme as given.

David Purchase has completed New Donalds. Also W96 and E99. Completed English Marilyns on Whernside, 3/6/99, and Welsh Marilyns on Coety Mountain, 31/7/99. Ken Telfer has subsequently completed New Donalds. Maurice Watson lives in Falkirk.

Rob Woodall should also be W85 and E96: "the reason for the long English delay being that I'd forgotten about Snaefell!"

John Wyllie started his Donalds with Lochcraig Head, 31/5/82, and completed on Curleywee, 8/8/94 (not 1987 as given).

Corbetts: Scottish hills 2500ft-2999ft (762m-914m); 500ft of drop. 146 known completers, 34 listed here.

  First Corbett Last Corbett 
Kenny RobbEdinburghBen Vrackieearly 1960sCorserine30/9/90
Alec KeithInvernessMorrone23/7/80Beinn an Oir5/5/91
Goff CantleyEdinburghMeall Tairneachan2/1/80Meall a'Phubuill14/6/94
Judy CantleyEdinburghMeall Tairneachan2/1/80Meall a'Phubuill14/6/94
Terry MacDonoughInvernessQuinag Ben Loyal20/5/95
Anne McGeachieGatehouse of FleetThe Cobbler1983Askival17/7/96
George McGeachieGatehouse of FleetThe Cobbler1968Askival17/7/96
Bud Campbell  1954Ben Aden3/5/98
Donald WattFort William  Merrick6/98
George Bruce   Merrick6/98
Geoff WalkerMuir of OrdRois-bheinn8/84Clisham24/7/98
Ivan SmithBerwick upon TweedGoat Fell1946Morrone2/6/99
Julian RidalEast KilbrideBeinn Mheadhonach14/8/92Ben Aden17/7/99
Gordon AdsheadWilmslowSail Gorm, Quinag8/62Ben Aden21/7/99
Jennifer ThomsonMethvenFarragon Hillearly 1960sAinshval8/8/99
Les CunninghamInvernessGoat Fell1959 or 60Clisham24/8/99
Nigel MortersEdinburghSgurr a'Bhac Chaolais16/5/87Merrick23/10/99
Ron PaynePerth  Beinn an Oir24/10/99
Iain PriceAberdeenMorrone8/4/90Meallach Mhor5/12/99
Gordon KeirGlasgow  Dun da Ghaoithe19/12/99
Ken WhyteFort WilliamMount Battock12/1/69Clisham26/4/00
Alex MacLeanCaolBeinn Bhan1985Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais1/5/00
Brenda GriffinEdinburghThe Cobbler15/9/79Bidein a'Chabair3/6/00
Mervyn GriffinEdinburghThe Cobbler15/9/79Bidein a'Chabair3/6/00
Brian McDaidGlasgowThe Cobbler1969Meall Lighiche10/6/00
Colin WilsonPerthBen Vrackie9/2/91Breabag10/6/00
Joan WilsonPerthBen Vrackie9/2/91Breabag10/6/00
Hedley HorslerGlasgowMorrone8/78Garbh Bheinn (3A)26/8/00
Val HorslerGlasgowMorrone8/78Garbh Bheinn (3A)26/8/00
Michael CurtisEdgwareGoat Fell1983Braigh nan Uamhachan27/8/00
Ken OakleyClackmannanBen Ledi1955Beinn Lair2/9/00
Jim WatertonGlasgowBeinn an Lochain6/79Mam na Gualainn17/9/00
David ClaymoreChesterMerrick7/56Beinn an Oir23/9/00
Graham JacksonChesterSgurr Cos na Breachd-31/3/90Beinn an Oir23/9/00

Stephen Ramsden of Helensburgh became the fourth known repeat Corbetteer when he climbed Ben Vrackie, 3/7/99.

Gordon Adshead is a stalwart of Rooke Corbett's own club, the Rucksack - and, like Corbett, collects hills across the British Isles. Had a big finish: "Ended up walking for 18 hours a day for four days on two and a half days' food in thick mist, pouring rain and raging rivers. Spent one night in the telephone box at Inverie." M87. By a curious coincidence, GA completed four days later than and on the same hill as Julian Ridal, M94, of the Scottish Christian Hill Walking and Christian Rock and Mountain clubs. Ivan Smith, M91, is also with the SCHWC.

The completions of George Bruce and Donald Watt are noted on p223 of SMCJ 1999. Both JMCS. GB (M87) is evidently busy with Grahams: on 22/3/00 the editor found a red jar jammed into the Beinn Bhalgairean cairn containing a note, signed by GB, telling of his having climbed this and the neighbouring Meall nan Gabhar on 21/11/99. GB guided William Hague up Ben Nevis during his stag weekend, 11/97.

Bud Campbell, M94. Stonehaven Mountaineering and Hillwalking Club. Other SMHCers may have completed, no details at present.

Goff and Judy Cantley finished and probably started together, although GF says he "possibly climbed the Cobbler in his teens". Both M84. David Claymore, M95, first climbed Merrick as a Boy Scout. Reclimbed it 19/1/91. Completed, in a rising gale and with a bottle of Jura malt, with Graham Jackson (M95). Both ICI MC, as are Corbetteers John Barnard, Ian Henderson and Laurence Rudkin (see CTaC).

Les Cunningham, Glasgow Univ MC and Gay Outdoor Club, has completed two Munro rounds and has "70 Corbetts left to do for a second round and 81 Grahams for a first round. My target is to complete these [plus third Munros] with the In Pinn, Glamaig and Hartaval on consecutive days." His friend Alex MacLean planned to complete on 5/5/00, his birthday, but good weather prompted an early finish.

Michael Curtis lived in Aberdeen during much of his round. M98. Mervyn and Brenda Griffin (both M85,94) and Hedley and Val Horsler (both M92) are among 11 couples to have completed Corbetts together - six listed in CTaC and a further five here.

Gordon Keir: M91. Alec Keith, SMC, has been remarkably active in the hills for many years and is only 30 Corbetts away from a repeat round. Among his many achievements was a 24-Munro Ramsay round in 23 hours 50 minutes, 16-17/7/94.

Brian McDaid, of Glasgow Glenmore Club, reached his last summit at 1:20pm, 70 minutes before Colin and Joan Wilson topped out on Breabag - a unique Corbett coincidence as far as is known. The Wilsons completed Munros in 1993, CW in May (Bidean nam Bian), JW in December (Buachaille Etive Mor). For Breabag they had "a clear day and a party of 12 on the summit - never saw another soul all day."

Terry MacDonough, M89,97, Highland Hillwalking Club, writes: "Actually prefer the Corbetts - gets you to parts of Scotland you don't otherwise see, like the Borders and Ardgour."

Anne and George McGeachie completed Munros (1980) and Corbetts together and George (a footballer with Dundee some years before Claudio Caniggia) writes: "We continue to climb Munros, Corbetts and anything that takes our fancy. We recently bought the Grahams book which I find have more appeal (like the Corbetts) in that there is a proper definition - the Munros are not satisfactory in this regard."

Nigel Morters is a rep for Jack Wolfskin. M94. Ken Oakley is with the Ochils MC and the Scottish Midweek MC. M89. The completion of Ron Payne, M85, Perth MC, is mentioned on p462 of SMCJ 2000. Iain Price, along with earlier Corbetteer Peter Dawes, is a member of the Aberdeen BP Excel club. M97.

Kenny Robb, a "stalwart of Edinburgh MC" (Martin Hulme), still has one eastern Cairngorms Munro Top to climb. Reckons his second Corbett was Ben Ledi in the early 1970s. Jennifer Thomson, M96, didn't seriously take to the hills until 1992. Perth Hillwalking Club.

Geoff Walker reclimbed his first Corbett, Rois-bheinn, in 9/96 "just for the crack". Highland Hillwalking Club. Jim Waterton lives in the same street as Corbetteer Donald Smith (see CTaC). For Ken Whyte, see also p5. Reached 1000 Marilyns on Beinn Ghobhlach, 4/7/00.

Amendments to earlier Corbetteer data (see CTaC, pp33-43):

David Foster has added a second round of Munros, so should be M79,99. Similarly, James Gordon should read M92,96,99.

More details of Anne Littlejohn's completion have been established. She lived in Weybridge at the time and her first Corbett was Beinn Dearg (13A), 31/3/56. Her last was Stob an Aonaich Mhoir, 2/1/65. This makes her the third known Corbetteer (assuming Corbett himself finished) and means that two early completions came on this rather remote hill. Information from the 57th LSCC Annual Record, 1964/5, p39.

The Garbh Bheinn given as the final Corbett for Mike Milmoe was the Ardgour one. He's a member of the RAF Mountaineering Assn.

David Smith, M89,99, is David G Smith, not David A Smith as stated in an earlier botched attempt to resolve confusion. Apologies.

Alison Wilson fell victim to inadvertant duplication in CTaC, being listed in the main table while also being one of the five anonymous Corbetteers. This (and Alec Keith agreeing to be "outed") resolves the apparent discrepancy in the number of Corbetteers between this update and the original listing. Although other names are vaguely known, there are currently only three anonymous completions. The latter-day AW regards the first Corbett of her actual round as having been Sgor Mor, 8/2/81.

Finally, and before anyone else asks, note that despite being one of only three people (the others being Hamish Brown and Craig Caldwell) to have written a book specifically on the Corbetts, Cameron McNeish is not included among the completers here. He surely must have been round, as The Corbett Almanac (first published 1994) credits no co-authors and includes, on page 7, the statement "The route descriptions [are meant] to give a rough outline of what I have found to be the best line of ascent and descent." But despite having been contacted as part of the research (as were Brown and Caldwell and many other completers), McNeish has thus far declined to supply any details. So, in the absence of any direct information, he is excluded.

Acknowledgements (and apologies to anyone omitted): Jill Adam, Ken Andrew, Hamish Brown, Ken Crocket, Gordon Downs, Martin Hulme, Chris Huntley, James Lamb, Jon Metcalf, Rob Milne, Stewart Moulton, June Peterson, Tom Rix, Willie Shand, Peter Shaw, Richard Webb.

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