The Angry Corrie 48: Jan-Feb 2001

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1016 and all that: The Quiz

Back in their mid-1990s prime, Barbara Brodie and Stuart Benn won TAC's Christmas Quiz three times in four years, but no person or team has yet won three times in succession. The pairing of Jim Willsher and Wendy Mann has the chance of a hat-trick this year however, and can anyone or anything stop them? Can Wolf Gruellich or Barbara Jones top-out their recent steady rise up the rankings? Will some dark horse gallop from a mysterious stable? Only the following 64 questions will provide the answers.

As ever, excellent TACshop prizes will be awarded for the first three places (we haven't as yet decided quite what the prizes will be, but they'll be damn good, believe us). And the tailgunner will of course receive the traditional booby bag, this year featuring the dreadful religion/tourism video The Wonder of Creation, Volume 3: The Majesty of Scotland (poorly-shot Highland roadside views strung together over a soundtrack of dire "inspirational" tunes).

Maximum score 100, although points might be added for evidence of lateral genius. Deadline: 3rd February 2001. Post to TAC, 2 Abbey Road Place, Stirling, FK8 1LN or email by 9pm that day.

1. In 2000

1a) Who planned to see in the new year by "going to the top of a small mountain in Donegal with my wife, at midnight. And with my children if they come, which is unlikely"? (1)

1b) What were Cyril and Martti taken to see in Macgillycuddy's Reeks and on Slieve Bloom? (1)

1c) What was the significance of the phrase: "Nevis rangers? OK, son"? (1)

1d) Which female alpinist just failed to reach an All-England summit? (1)

1e) Which Munro put in a ceremonial appearance in North Queensferry? (1)

1f) What linked Dunfermline, Ben Nevis and AER on 24 April? (1)

1g) Which Munro was discovered near the Falls of Shin? (1)

1h) What word connected a west-of-Scotland mount and a US summit squabble? (1)

1i) Where did the loss of a Donald cause a Munro to be rejected? (1)

1j) Where in the eastern fells could you raise a million? (1)

1k) Which disputed Graham had a flag lowered on to its sub-zero summit? (1)

1l) Which Ben was most likely to have been climbed by Ben Fogle? (1)

1m) "One hill is losing seven metres and the second two metres, and [...] a third small rise called Norris Hill was also 'being scalped'." Why, and name the first pair of hills. (1+1/2+1/2)

2. Titles and deeds

2a) Which one of the following has completed a Ramsay Round (23 or 24 Lochaber Munros inside 24 hours): (i) Malcolm Allison, (ii) Brian Clough, (iii) Don Revie, (iv) Terry Venables? (2)

2b) Which one of the following joined the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club in 1954: (i) Polly Stack, (ii) Molly Cobbler, (iii) Suilven Graham, (iv) Mona Gowan? (2)

2c) What caused Hamish Brown to interrupt his "engrossing lecture" to the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club annual dinner in Glasgow on 17/1/76: (i) power failure, (ii) bomb scare, (iii) heckler, (iv) losing his slides of Hecla? (2)

2d) Which Ben suffers from "an obsessive compulsive personality disorder in the form of a collection mania"? (2)

2e) Is Ben Sheets: (i) a hill in New Caledonia, (ii) a new project aimed at producing independent maps of Scottish hills, (iii) an American baseball player, (iv) Christo's new "high altitude wrapping artwork", planned for 2001? (1)

2f) What feat have both Amy Davis and Richard Gilbert performed, and what was the most obvious difference in how they did it? (1+1)

3. Ale...

3a) Which duff distillery map fails to measure up, and why? (1+1)

3b) What whisky is found on top of Arenig Fawr? (2)

4. ...and arty

4a) Whose ten-month walking tour in 1986 led to a citation in 2000? (2)

4b) Which recent four-letter CD has some unlikely looking summits on its sleeve? (1)

4c) Which place and which novel by a thespian author: "Bikes it has to be and mountain bikes - in the flattest region of Britain, where a dog-turd excites the attentions of the Mountaineering Soc"? (1+1)

4d) Which prizewinning book includes a poem ending: "Our Welshman composed it - still deaf / To the white noise of the elegy / That would fill his mouth and ear / Worlds later, on Cader Idris, In the wind and snow of your final climb"? (2)

4e) In which Scottish novel does a character with sores on his scrotum mistake a trig point for "a woman in a white dress waving and beckoning"? (2)

5. Listed baggings

5a) In which list does Ben Nevis come bottom, with 55 marks out of a possible 100? (2)

5b) Odd one out, and why: (i) Charles, (ii) Harry, (iii) Hazel, (iv) Joe, (v) Stuart, (vi) Vernon, (vii) William? (1+1)

5c) Fill in the gaps: Carter Fell 579m, --, Lamb Hill 511m, --, King's Seat 531m. (1+1)

5d) Fill in the gaps: Lady Isle 6m, Ceann Iar 19m, --, Eilean Garave 22m, Orsay 24m, --, Eilean nan Coinein 27m, Muckle Green Holm 28m, Pabay 28m, Glims Holm 32m (1+1)

5e) What is the significance of Scalpay in relation to 5d? (1)

5f) Odd one out, and why: (i) Big Scare, (ii) Blaster Hole, (iii) Frank Lockwood's Island, (iv) Humla, (v) Ingale Skerry, (vi) Sgeir Charrach? (1+1)

6. On and off grid

6a) Fill in the gaps: 101m, -, 217m, -, 376m, 418m (1+1)

6b) According to Landranger maps, what is the largest Scottish island without any public toilets? (1)

6c) And what is the smallest Scottish island to have some? (1)

6d) What goes with Dubh Sgeir and Skerryvore? (2)

6e) What is mis-spelt in Dawson's The Relative Hills of Britain, in Brook and Hinchliffe's North to the Cape and on early versions of Landranger 14? (2)

6f) Of what is Binnein Mor the highest Scottish example? (2)

6g) Fill in the gaps: 42m, 42m, 43m, -, 63m, 70m, 74m, 76m, -, 111m (1+1)

6h) What is true of Landrangers 45, 47, 62, 64, 74 and 83 and no other Scottish sheets? (2)

6i) What does Dull Wood share with Collin Hags? (2)

7. Football special

7a) Which team's recent European performances involved a Wainwright, a Stac, a Felle and numerous Hewitts? (1)

7b) Which Scottish Marilyn comprises three Englishmen: a current international, a current under-21 international and a recent managerial casualty? (1)

7c-g) If Ben Nevis is Pat Nevin's favourite hill, which current Premiership players might name these as their spiritual homes: 7c Ben Venue 7d Ben Tee 7e An Stac 7f Beinn Lagan 7g Ben Lui? (1 each)

7h-i) Which hills fit these footballing clues: 7h Costa Rican gave up Switzerland in favour of Germany 7i Seventh leader went down in the box and down with the Rovers 7j Israeli and Spanish supporter (2 each)

8. Overseasoned

8a) Maps of which British overseas territory include Where Dan Fall, Where Freddie Fall, and Where Tom Off? (2)

8b) Which Ordnance Survey International map shows Down Where The Minister Land His Things and has a key indicating "Economically important potato patches"? (2)

8c) Which island in a French overseas territory has topographical features that translate as "The Big Cooking Pot", "The Big Balcony" and "Ravine of the Late-Night Revellers"? (2)

8d) Which island in an Australian overseas territory has topographical features called Dar Tomato Bay and Valley on Top Niggers Hoof? (2)

8e) In which country would you find Iztok Cop and Luka Spik, and how high are they? (1+1)

9. Mixed bag

9a) What mountain range connects Prestwick golf course, a farm in Furness and Bob Geldof? (1)

9b) Which society believes there are 19 "Holy Mountains Charged by The Master Jesus", nine of them in Britain including Yes Tor in "Devonshire" ("the route to this Holy Spot goes through a military firing range")? (1)

9c) Two of the society's holy mountains are in Scotland. One contains "some of the most powerful energies" while the other "became a Retreat of The Great White Brotherhood". Name the hills. (1/2+1/2)

9d) Which infrequently changing sporting list could be represented as follows: Hungry Law, Broom Hill, Auchtertyre Hill, Bellybought Hill, Meall nan Con, Kilmein Hill, Ord Ban, East Lomond, Cromlet? (2)

9e) And which of the following is next in line: (i) Doughnot Hill, (ii) Tairlaw Ring, (iii) Glas Bheinn? (1)

9f) "The last observations for the retriangulation of Great Britain were made at this triangulation station by Mr E A P Joyce on the 4th June 1962. There are 11678 such stations and the first observations were made at ---- in Northamptonshire on 18th April 1936." Name this Cumbrian trig (clue: it's on two Land- rangers) and its companion "first" trig down south. (1+1)

9g) Sir Ranulph Fiennes unveiled BT's 100,000th payphone in Dunsop Bridge on 29/6/92. Why there? (2)

9h) Which high mountaineering record was achieved in 1016? (2)

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