The Angry Corrie 44: Jan-Feb 2000

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A FEW READERS have asked us to mention things, so here goes. (One of these is made up.)

Bill White has a nice Munros Screensaver/pictures website at

Paul McMonagle reports having had a trip to Geal Charn in the Monadhliath on 2/12/99 ("lovely day, icy roads, fresh soft knee-deep snow, no view") when he left a pair of fairly new Makalu walking poles on the ground at the bridge. If anyone found them, please email Paul at whereupon he promises to refund the postage and provide "a suitably Christmassy reward".

Jennifer Thomson tells of having seen "a massive illuminated disc" hover just below the summit of Ettrick Pen. She reports standing by as "five sheep, two grouse and a toad" were drawn upwards into the mysterious craft via a pulsing yellow-green ray, "like a swimming-pool flume, only greener". Her map case and Leki trekking poles also disappeared. Asked to describe the disc, Thomson later compared it to "a large spinning pizza but with metal bits where the mozzarella should have been".

Stewart Logan recounts some problematical access tales on page 8, but he's currently better known for his plan to complete a tenth round of Munros on Schiehallion on Hogmanay 1999. More on this in due course (it wouldn't do to count Munros until they're bagged), but for now the contact details for his fundraising efforts ought to be given. Stewart's round is raising money for Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust, 01698-355137, while anyone wishing to contact the man directly should try 01698-852414, or

Alan Blanco is making his annual request for end-of-year details from anyone who has climbed 600 or more Marilyns. Approximately 43 people are currently in the Hall of Fame, most recently Barbara Jones after a November ascent of Burton Hill. The 700s are suddenly the new black, whatever that means, with 14 folk in the 700-800 band as compared to 12 still milling about in the 600s. Two of this year's new crop have come in very high: James Gordon and Andrew Allum both over 1000. Blanco is keen to hear figures from existing Hallites, plus any new people. Contact him at 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow G14 9LY or and if possible say which hill rounds you have completed out of Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, Donalds and Hewitts of Englandandwales. The new edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame Newsletter, should be out late March; the first issue is still available if you send an A5 SAE. Membership of the Hall of Fame doesn't bestow major benefits on the bagger - no bank bonds, no healthcare schemes - while a visit to Lundy and the Mayar is more likely than a visit from London's Mayor. (Yes, yes, we know neither Lundy nor Mayar are Marilyns, but it's a topical gag.) However, aside from being encouraged to climb all manner of obscure and interesting hills, you're likely to receive an invite to the next HoF gathering. The 1999 version, to Carna in August, was a rare day: perfect weather, good companions, cracking hills.

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