The Angry Corrie 44: Jan-Feb 2000

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HVS quiz warped by JMT folk

After last year's astonishingly high scores (96% to win, 881/2 for second place etc), it's time for a decently difficult quiz. Entries to 138 West Stirling St, Alva, Clackmannanshire, FK12 5EN, by 5th February 2000, or emailed to by 9pm that same day. First prize is undying glory plus a six-issue TAC sub, a copy of Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, the Harveys Superwalker map of the Ochils and the last remaining TAC36 sweatshirt. Second prize is the sub, the Corbobook and a TAC T-shirt. Third gets the booklet and the sub, while Mr or Ms Booby wins the 1996 CD "Everest" by Off and Gone and the 1997 CD "Mount Everest" by The Diggers, neither of which are very good.

Maximum score: 100. As ever, the odd (or even even) bonus might be awarded for inventive thinking if deemed relevant. You get something half right, we give you half marks ... okay?

1. In 1999

1a Why was Snowdon not deleted? (2)

1b In which TV series was which orange-cagouled character killed by a lava fireball from Mount Evanston? (1+1)

1c Which hill man was said to be "more Rab C Nesbitt than John Muir"? (2)

1d Who said this, of whom: "It is a mountain for them to climb, but they have plenty of them around here so we'll have to be careful"? (1+1)

1e Which corrie was involved in a ticket controversy? (2)

1f Which two of the following nine were not judged to be "places of a lifetime"? (1+1)

Hong Kong
Lake District
Outer Space
St Kilda

1g What happened to 46 Munros, 95 Corbetts, 591 Grahams and 54 Donalds on 7th February? (2

2. Cor, better get these right

Which Corbett:

2a had a bit part in a 1999 drugs scandal? (2)

2b is green and sheltered? (2)

2c was recently in the news in connection with 31 fatalities? (2)

2d played in the 1999 Wadworth 6X National Village Championship? (2)

2e is in Barlinnie? (2)

3. Graham hills

Which Graham:

3a shagged a spy? (2)

3b was judged too old at 83? (2)

3c in Region 1 has a summit trig with a metal plaque reading: "This monument forms part of the Ordnance Survey National GPS Network. It is an offence to damage it. If found damaged please ring our helpline on 08456 050505. Thank you. July 1999"? (2)

3d is bigger than all other Grahams and everything else too? (2)

3e has an English ban? (2)

4. Bens, generally

Which Ben:

4a featured in The Unauthorized Autobiography of Reinhold Messner? (2)

4b completed the youngest Graham round? (2)

4c reported on something recently abolished? (2)

4d sang "Cigarettes are bad for you"? (2)

4e is in Rome? (2)

5. Sequence dancing

Complete the sequences:

5a Caonich - Luiblea - ???? - Balmore - Glentough (2)

5b Ochil - tree - Loch - rennie - Muir - house - ???? - crofts (2)

5c Bex - Blackdown - ???? - Mendip - Mendip - Box (2)

5d Salisbury - Crawley - Newport - Gower - ???? - Wells (2)

5e What connects Francisco and Jacinta Marto with Tom na Gruagaich and Spidean Coire nan Clach? (2)

6. At the movies and into the music

6a Which film includes the line: "OK ramblers, let's get to rambling"? (2)

6b Which film starts with the main character speaking these lines:
"Personally I think the unconquered south face is the only one worth scaling ... of course it's a 20,000-foot sheer wall of ice but then when did that ever stop me before? Naturally, I intend to make the ascent without the benefit of oxygen but also without crampons or even an ice pick"? (2)

6c In which film is the eponymous hero offered marijuana grown at exactly 2000ft up a Mexican mountain? (2)

6d In which film did a lost map cause heather to die? (2)

6e Which guitarist admitted in a 1994 magazine interview: "We were touring Scotland and just as the acid kicked in, we stopped the car and got out and belted up Ben Nevis". (2)

6f Who has a room with "an enormous collection of ordnance survey maps, fantastic rolling views of Wiltshire, a computer, several 18th-century archeological tomes, and a batch of proto-metal records" and once sang "A man comes up in a 4x4 / Up to me all alone on this lonely moor / And my rock says hello to his gaping jaw ... And I wonder why a man behave like this / Behave like he wanna feel the land is his?" (2)

Complete the lyrics:

6g "Halfway up ???? with an empty flask of tea, a fog descends and takes away my visibility." (1)

6h "I went from the Andes to the Indies in my ????" (1)

7. A range of hills

7a Where are the Bowater Hills? (2)

7b Which Nuttall has the record six-hitter in partnership with the former record catch-taker? (2)

7c Which Euro 2000 team's shirt badge features a mountain rising above a goalpost? (2)

7d Which Matterhorn is pictured on SR98A? (2)

7e Which island hill was seen 638ft beneath the Pennines in 1944? (2)

7f What word connects Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and a Welsh Corbett? (1)

8. Spam and grits

8a Which appropriately named cartographer began his 90th year on 18/12/98? (2)

8b Who once worked as a map tracer and pegged out aged 90 having enjoyed a life of camping? (2)

8c What is Mac? (2)

8d Why were these 1km grid squares in the news this year? (2)

8e Which 1999 edition of The Guardian had a picture of a trig point on its front page? (1)

9. AW shucks

The history of hillgoing includes a number of people with the initials AW. The following six quotations come from AWs (not all regular hillgoers however). Match them with the names given below, which include eight red herrings.

9a "I really believe in empty spaces ... Empty space is never wasted space."

9b "Of all the charities I have ever studied, none has struck me as so completely odious as the Ramblers' Association..."

9c "Onwards and upwards."

9d "Yes, dear, there will be other days, other meetings, other kisses. There must be. Yes, dear, we will go again to Badger Hill..."

9e "Yes, that's about the right distance - but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I've got to?"

9f "You came out of nowhere like the sun up from the hills. Cold, cold was the wind, warm, warm were your lips, out there on that ski trail..."

Alfred Wainwright
Alice Walker
Andy Warhol
Adam Watson
Auberon Waugh
Arabella Weir
Arthur Wellesley
Arnold Wesker
Alan Whicker
Anne Widdecombe
Andy Wightman
Andy Williams
Angus Wilson
Alice in Wonderland

(2 points each)

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