The Angry Corrie 44: Jan-Feb 2000

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Golden TACky Awards

Never mind the Boardman-Tasker, forget the Outdoor Writers' Guild Golden Eagle. It's time for the first in an occasional series of cringingly bad, amusingly inappropriate or interestingly derivative pieces of outdoor writing, the Golden TACky Awards:

Longest sentence (incorporating the longest final sentence) award

Jim Perrin, in TGO February 1999, ended his column "Donegal, Errigal, Cathal" with 134 unhindered words:

"As I climbed on along the narrow ridge towards the summit pinnacle - surely one of the smallest in these islands off the edge of Europe - that emotion was subsumed into something more difficult to grasp, until each white and splintered stone seemed to me like a marker for the death of some hope, some ambition, some attempt to connect and make good - little sepulchres, each of them, to aspiration, to effort, scattered around unnoticed and unperceived in the dull and sodden mist, but each of them commemorating somehow that none of this progress without a clear end in view is waste, and that every step along the Way towards the source and summit of common selfless humanity, however blindly or instinctively taken and perhaps even at whatever cost, is still noted, is still worthwhile."

Slow to catch on award

Cameron McNeish, describing Sgurr nan Gillean on p133 of The Munro Almanac, 3rd edition, revised 1998:

"Descend the west ridge steeply to the Tooth of Sgurr nan Gillean. To the north of the Tooth a narrow cleft known as Nicholson's Chimney offers an abseil route from where you can contour across the screes to regain the ridge east of Am Basteir."

The Tooth, Policeman, Gendarme, call it what you will, broke off in, it is believed, the winter of 1986/87.

Hey, these 8000ers are easy really award

From an advertising flier, The Tiso Talks - 1999-2000:

Mick Fowler, Vertical Pleasure -

"The UK's foremost alpine climber looks back on his achievements to date. From daring first ascents of British sea stacks to the ultimate challenge of the Himalaya in one entertaining evening." [TAC's italics]

Ohmygod nightmare typo award

Dave Hewitt (and self-subedited, so he can't even shift the blame), "Out there this weekend" listings, The Scotsman Outdoors, 26/6/99: Scottish Coal-Carrying Championships, Kelty:

"... although whether any racer will retain enough strength for the Tossing the Sheath Championship afterwards remains to be seen".

Now, where was that cupboard dark enough to hide in?

Bad taste reprint award

Baton Wicks, for their 1997 omnibus edition reprint of Hamish Brown's 1988 book Climbing the Corbetts complete with:

"Some useful addresses ... Nancy Smith, Fasgadh, Fersit".

The much missed Nancy died in 1991.

Further nominations welcome.

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