The Angry Corrie 42: Jul-Aug 1999

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Finally, finally, after much faffing and endless wiping of feet, the TACit Table Corbett book hits the shelves around 14 July. Entitled Corbett Tops and Corbetteers, it runs to 48pp and includes detail on 669 Corbett Tops - those summits of Corbett height with 30m drop on all sides. These break down to 219 actual Corbetts plus 185 CTCs (Corbett Tops of Corbetts) and 265 CTMs (Corbett Tops of Munros). This hill feast is brought to you by Alan Dawson, with artwork by Chris Tyler plus info on over 100 Corbetteers compiled by TAC's editor. #3.70 (#4.20 inc p&p).

The Grahams and the New Donalds (2nd edition) - Alan Dawson and Dave Hewitt, 32pp of hill data plus notes, drawings and Grahamist and Donaldist info. #2.80 (#3.20 inc p&p)

Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales (Hills of England, Wales, Ireland over Two Thousand feet; Marilyns: 150m drop) - Dawson; Hewitts and Marilyns of England - Dawson, each #2 (#2.40); Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland - E D Clements, #3.70 (#4.20)

World Tops and Bottoms - Grant Hutchison, #2 (#2.40); The Murdos (Scottish 3000ft hills) - Dawson, #1.70 (#1.95)

Munro's Fables - Grant Hutchison / Chris Tyler, #5 (#5.50); Walking the Watershed - Dave Hewitt, #6.50 (#7.50)

All nine TACit publications, plus a six-issue TAC sub, #32 inc p&p. (All seven Tables for #17 inc p&p).

The Relative Hills of Britain (published by Cicerone, 1992) - Alan Dawson, special price of #8 inc p&p. Alan's April 1999 update sheet and his new Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter (Marhofn 38) both available free on receipt of an A5 SAE.

T-shirts - TAC36 cover design, XL, L, M, #13 each or #17 with TAC sub. Or TAC33 cover design, all sizes, #11 each or #14 with a sub. TAC25 cover, Skye Bridge design: only one remains (L), #8 or #11 with a sub. Basic TAC sub - #6 for six issues.

TAC, 138 West Stirling St, Alva, Clacks, FK12 5EN. Cheques - Subs/shirts: The Angry Corrie; books/mags: TACit Press.

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