The Angry Corrie 42: Jul-Aug 1999

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Mountaineering Melodies No. 20: Bed O' Roses No.9

I've done a lot of things I wished I hadn't
There's other things I never hope to do
But sliding off the map in both directions
Is the sorry mess I made of knowing you.

Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Bed o' Roses No.9

It's strange that the Essex-based Dury should have this sort of problem with maps given that, as TAC readers know, OS maps have been designed to make life as simple as possible for Londoners. This sliding off the map accident is more likely to occur around the Scottish coast where islands are squeezed disturbingly into map corners, or perhaps it would be on multi-map hills such as Gulvain, or even worse White Coomb in the Borders (as recently pointed out by TAC's Ed in Another Place). Or maybe Dury had just been using the map as a makeshift tablecloth over his knees when his whelk sarnie went one way and his can of pale ale the other.

Val Hamilton

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