The Angry Corrie 41: Apr-May 1999

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The revised edition of Alan Dawson's The Grahams and the New Donalds is now available and is going down well: 32pp in A5 format including new drop data, detailed notes, line drawings by Chris Tyler and several pages of info on Grahamists and Donaldists - plus the usual heights, names, and grid references for the hills in each category. ISBN 0 9534376 0 4. Price: #2.80 (#3.20 inc p&p); cheques to TACit Press at the usual address, please.

Alan's Corbetts booklet has been delayed due to the Series Editor having suddenly been swept up by the national press, but should be out early in May, before TAC42. It will include detail on Corbett Tops - heaps of them - plus the first published listing of Corbetteers (approximately 100 known thus far). The booklet will cost #3.70 (#4.20 inc p&p). Other books still available:

The Murdos (Scottish 3000ft hills) - Alan Dawson, #1.70 (#1.95 inc p&p)

World Tops and Bottoms: high and low points of countries and dependencies - Grant Hutchison, #2 (#2.40)

The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales (Hewitts: Hills of England, Wales and Ireland over Two Thousand feet; Marilyns: hills with 150m drop) - Alan Dawson, #2 (#2.40)

The Hewitts and Marilyns of England - Alan Dawson, #2 (#2.40)

The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland - E D Clements, #3.70 (#4.20)

These three Tables available together for #8 inc p&p, or all six Tables (ie all bar the Corbobook) for #14 inc p&p

Munro's Fables - Grant Hutchison / Chris Tyler, #5 (#5.50)

Walking the Watershed - Dave Hewitt (illustrated by Chris Tyler), #6.50 (#7.50)

All eight TACit publications, plus a six-issue TAC sub, #29 inc p&p

PC disks of all Tables, bar World and Ireland, #4 each. Welsh / English data on the one disk. Word, Excel, plain text, hypertext formats. 10% of booklet and disk sales go to John Muir Trust.

The Relative Hills of Britain (published by Cicerone, 1992) - Alan Dawson, inc latest update, special reduced price of #8 inc p&p.

T-shirts - TAC36 cover design including the seal/bothy pic from p13 of TAC39; blue border. XL, L, M, #13 each or #17 with TAC sub.

Still available: TAC33 cover design with green border, all sizes, #11 each or #14 with a sub. TAC25 cover in red border, Skye Bridge design: only one remains (L), #8 or #11 with a sub

TAC - #6 for six issues.

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