The Angry Corrie 41: Apr-May 1999

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Mountaineering Melodies No. 19: Outside

I think I'm done with the sofa
I think I'm done with the hall
I think I'm done with the kitchen table, baby
Let's go outside...

George Michael - Outside

Previously associated as he was with the playboy lifestyle of Club Tropicana, rubbing padded shoulders with the late Princess of Wales or slapping on the Quicktan with Andrew Ridgely, it gives us in the hillwalking community great pleasure to see that the Older, more mature George Michael has turned to the great outdoors for relaxation.

The first verse is a veritable manifesto for the born-again hillperson: no longer will George lounge about in front of the telly, watching Richard and Judy while sipping a banana daiquiri - he's off to the hall to put on his Brasher boots, then to his farmhouse kitchen, there to collect the OS map he's left spread across the table. Off he goes, gripping tightly the hard shaft of his trusty axe... George clearly enjoys both Bens and Glens, and can certainly handle himself in a bog - is it possible we may yet see him guesting on Wilderness Walks 3 ?

Gordon Smith

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