The Angry Corrie 40: Jan-Mar 1999

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Politically Correct councillors might propose replacing Christmas with the culturally neutral "Winterval", but TAC suggests a change to "Quizmastime". That's how more and more hillgoers regard their festive season: days and nights slumped grumpily in armchairs, ignoring all offers of food and drink, sweating and swotting over the most difficult questions that life can pose. Do they know it's Quizmastime again?

Entries to 138 West Stirling St, Alva, Clacks, FK12 5EN, by 10th Feb 1999. Or email by 8pm that same day. First prize: the new Graham/Donald and Corbett TACit Tables, a new-style TAC sweatshirt, and a year's sub. Second gets the same, but a sweaty T-shirt instead of the sweatshirt. Third picks up the booklets and the sub. Tail-end Charlie collects "The Heart of Wales" (a 1969 "Cotman-Color Series" booklet), plus a fragment of a one-inch cloth map covering the Corrieyairack, with Corbetts circled, and stamped with the words "Hamish MacMillan Brown, 21 Carlin Craig, Pettycur, Kinghorn". A booby prize relic, discovered and donated by Peter Shaw.

Maximum: 100. Bonuses for inventive thinking (so long as it's relevant). Half-marks for half-correct answers. And remember, as well as the joy of taking part, it's worth submitting a thin entry given the difficulty: last year's average was 37.6%. This year's task is to prevent a third consecutive victory for Barbara Brodie and Stuart Benn. Happy quizzing.

1 Starting Grids

1a In 1998, who was videoed talking about sex whilst surrounded by maps? (2)

1b Who in 1998 chose as their Desert Island Discs book "an Ordnance Survey map of the world"? (2)

1c On which 1998 map was the Mull of Kintyre located on Mull? (2)

1d Where in Scotland is a 57m trig point mapped with no contours between it and the sea? (2)

1e What common factor links the following four hills: Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Ward Hill (Hoy), Leith Hill? (2)

1f Which big Graham was deleted in 1998? (2)

2 Animal Writes

2a Initially at least, which Munro might provide a good home for unwanted cats and dogs? (2)

2b Which white goods company was criticised for comparing a sheep to a multi-megaton nuclear explosion? (2)

2c From which white goods book, published in 1998? "As far as I could see, there were miles and miles and miles of open spaces all around these sheep offering excellent grazing facilities and yet they still chose to congregate in the middle of the road. You're not telling me they don't take some perverse pleasure in the inconvenience that this causes. Sheep aren't stupid. They're petty, spiteful and bloody-minded." (2)

2d Where in Scotland would you find the following: Old Deer, Long Goat, Otter Had, South Whaleback? (4)

3 Fall Guys

3a In 1997, Martin Moran injured himself in a fall from (i) Aconcagua (ii) Liathach (iii) The roof of his house? (2)

3b On Ruby Wax's chat show, which of the three women present did Joe Simpson say he would most happily sleep with: (i) Ruby Wax; (ii) Rhona Cameron; (iii) Brigitte Nielsen? (2)

3c Who will Tom Cruise play in a forthcoming movie:

(i) Bart Simpson; (ii) Joe Simpson; (iii) Edward (as in Mrs Simpson)? (2)

3d The cover of which mountaineer's latest book shows a man having a piss in the middle of the author's name? (2)

3e In which TV sitcom was a character avalanched on Mount Useful whilst on a company team-building exercise? (2)

4 Sporting Chancers

4a Which famous hillgoer finished first and second in the second semi-final of the 1998 European Championships 3000m steeplechase in Budapest? (2)

4b Which two categories of hill kicked the goals for Widnes in their rugby league game at Featherstone on 26/7/98? (2)

4c Which one of the following competed in the Edinburgh Chess Congress: (i) L Nagar; (ii) M Keen; (iii) C Aosda? (2)

4d From which 1997 sports book does this quote come: "The draw for the Open, like hill walking or the sexual allure that Barbra Streisand holds for gentlemen of a certain age, is a total mystery to sane and rational people"? (2)

4e Which regular TAC contributors opened the bowling for Yorkshire last season: (i) Dawson and Hewitt; (ii) Warbeck and Smith; (iii) Hamilton and Hutchison? (2)

5 Twin Peaks

5a What single theme links these four pairings of Scottish and US hills (2):

 Carn Eige Mount Washington
 Ben More Assynt Mount Mitchell
 Ben More (Mull) Wheeler Peak
 Morven (Caithness) White Butte

5b Which other Scottish hill could be similarly paired with a US hill? (2)

5c Which two English hills could be paired with US hills in the same way? (2)

5d Which two Corbetts are the closest to each other in distance? (2)

5e Which two Grahams are the closest to each other in distance? (2)

6 Place Fells

6a Who fell 8800m in a thunderstorm and survived? (2)

6b Who sang "Getting up this time of day / Is like climbing Everest a difficult way"? (2)

6c Who was ordered to "Climb Mount Niitaka" on 2/12/41? (2)

6d Which Country Top was the scene of repeated mass suicide attempts in 1998? (2)

6e Add a European country code to an English County Top and get a shaft of light. (2)

6f In 1906, who cooked his books and faked it? (2)

6g Whose 1959 Rum Diary was published in 1998? (2)

6h Which of the following is not a Scottish hill: (i) The Devil's Point; (ii) The Bastard; (iii) General Pinochet? (2)

7 International All-Star XI

In 1998, with which countries were the following associated? (1 point each)

7a Ben Slimane, 7b Ben Zekri, 7c Ebbe Sand, 7d Roar Strand, 7e Ben Challenger, 7f Lembit Opik, 7g Taribo West, 7h Ben Again, 7i Bin Laden, 7j Reuben Bagger, 7k Earth Summit.

8 A mountain to climb at the end of the day

The quotations given below all date from 1998 and have had twenty words/phrases extracted. These words/phrases appear separately, along with 20 false leads. Sort this lot out. (1 point each, plus 1 point bonus for all correct)

8a "So does A stop here? If so a footballing public which for five years has been treated not so much to a mountain as B of speculation and allegation concerning the game's seamier finances might regard the end result as no more significant than a Scottish upland followed by a few foothills." - David Lacey, on Brian Clough, Guardian.

8b "When he isn't galloping up and down that flank, he says, he and Tanya are away climbing the Scottish hills: Ben Lomond, the Cobbler, C. On one occasion last summer, when the affection and abuse raining off that D seemed almost within earshot, the two headed off to E. 'Scotland is very beautiful,' says Big George with a rusty purr. 'The top of Ben Lomond was something very spectacular to me.'" - Graham Spiers, on Jorg Albertz, Scotland on Sunday.

8c "Chasing 225 was not exactly climbing Everest. It only looked that way because both sides had made such a pig's ear of their previous attempts. Logically they were only trying to get to the top of Snowdon. But they have missed the chance to use F; the railway must be closed for the winter; a blizzard has blown in reducing visibility to zero; and they are out of G." - Matthew Engel, Guardian.

8d "It was like trying to drag H up Ben Nevis with I" - Iain Brown on the filming of Lanark, by Alasdair Gray (quoted in Alasdair Gray: a life in pictures, Jonathan Jones).

8e "'The advantage of J getting in the way means that we can get to know each other.' She would hope that there might be children. The idea at the moment is a house somewhere in K which they both like and where Reg had been evacuated during the war. 'And I love the mountains,' she laughs." - Duncan Campbell on Roberta Kray, Guardian.

8f "There were 193 'peaks' and I saw, spotted, noted, enumerated every one: what a sense of triumph, of completeness, of closure." - Stephen Moss, on L, Guardian.

8g "Television is like M, there's so much of it. But I hope you can discern one or two BBC peaks among them." - Peter Salmon, controller of BBC1, profiled by Maggie Brown, Guardian.

8h "N, not the first to discover that the wind blows strongest at the top of the mountain." - Martin Tyler, BSkyB coverage of the Charity Shield.

8i "Are they friendly with their local Britpoppers, Oasis? 'We haven't met them,' says Gillian. She glances at their O outside, at P running across their land. 'Now, if they were hikers...'" - Gillian Gilbert of New Order, Guardian.

8j "How far can they go? Enter the 'angle of dangle' device. Producers refer to a map of Scotland and in particular to Q. If the offending implement raises its head above the angle of the peninsula then it's out. If it doesn't, it's in." - Channel 4 R guidelines, Guardian.

8k "You always know, if you're in the limelight, that it's going to be a bumpy ride - but it used to be a perfectly acceptable waveform. You could think 'well, I'm going to have a few awards and a couple of good years and ... Whoops! Here we go.' Now it's like S up Everest." - T, interviewed by Janine Gibson, Guardian.

a dead elephant

a gang of youths

a Himalayan range

a whole lot of rolling hills

all of creation

an elastic band

an Everest


bald pate



Brian Blessed

Cameron McNeish

Ibrox main stand

Kendal mint cake


no reward

no seracs

Noel Edmonds


not having sex







steep hillside

the buck

the bung

the Cairngorms

the hidden valley of Glencoe

the Inter-City 125

the Mull of Kintyre

the old ladies' walking trail

the public footpath

their minds


wild acreage

wild oats

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