The Angry Corrie 40: Jan-Mar 1999

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Mountaineering Melodies No. 18: Alarm Call

I want to go on a mountain-top
with a radio and good batteries
play a joyous tune
and free the human race from suffering
I'm no fucking Buddhist
but this is enlightenment
The less room you give me
the more space I've got

Bjork - Alarm Call - 1998

So the Squawking One becomes the first artist to achieve double Mountaineering Melody status - her 1995 Hyper-ballad, discussed in TAC27, featured throwing car-parts and cutlery from the summits. Now at least she's not littering the hillsides, and appears to be mimicking Gordon Smith's tendency (see TAC38, pp4-5) to fiddle with his knobs whilst traipsing uphill. Quite what Björk has against fucking Buddhists isn't clear, but she certainly isn't likely to be seen bagging the monastic Marilyn Mullach Mor on Holy Island to the east of Arran.

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