The Angry Corrie 40: Jan-Mar 1999

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Bad news for White, for Kinnell

With the SMC Munros CD reviewed elsewhere in this issue, TACers should be kept aware of the activities of the rival programmer, Iain White of Isys Computers, whose poor and pricey The Munros Through Windows was panned in TAC30. White recently gained some free publicity for his work by featuring in a big spread in The Scotsman for 20/11/98. An article by Stephen Breen told of infighting in Scottish Mensa, the committee of which has been abolished amid "accusations of financial impropriety". Breen wrote: "The chairman for the past year was Iain White, a Glasgow computer analyst who became associated with one faction." [There followed detail on the other faction, centred on one Jim Kinnell.]

Breen continued: "About four years ago, concerns were raised about where the money was going and one faction demanded that accounts be produced for every event organised under Mensa's name in Scotland [...] No proof was produced to substantiate the unfounded allegations, made before Mr White was chairman, that money might be missing [...] Mr White, who demanded strict accounting for Mensa events, landed in hot water with the 'highly irregular' payment into his bank account of #600 in cheques made out to Scottish Mensa for a dinner in Glasgow last year. Mr White says he paid for the dinner with his own money because the Scottish Mensa secretary would not pay a cheque to the venue. Mr White said he paid cheques made out to Mensa into his account as a reimbursement, and points out that no money went missing from the society [...] Mr Kinnell said: 'Iain [White] was trying to impose rules that in my opinion he wasn't prepared to follow himself."

All of which makes the MBA's internal bickerings look like a church social. The maxim about Mensa members being intelligent but not very clever has never seemed more true. Breen's story dredges some very muddied waters, with both factions making allegations, but Iain White does seem to have a thing about money. This, remember, is the man who initially charged a whopping #79 for his CD, and who left at least two of his slides/text contributors feeling less than good about what they saw as a request for generosity on their part. TACers will draw their own conclusions, but can anyone explain, given that Iain White is both a "computer analyst" and a bigwig in Mensa, why it is that his software is so duff?


There's a Mountaineering Melody on page 17, but TAC is as yet unable to confirm that the next REM single will be a fundraiser for the RSPB, entitled Treecreeper.

Go at it with enthusiasm

TAC39 (p13) made reference yet again to the Vrackie Goats, and to readers with photographic evidence dating from 1990. It was Johan and Lidy de Jong who snapped the horny Corbettbaggers, on 21/4/90. Given that the goats were not there on 3/12/89 (unless they were hiding), their arrival-envelope is thus narrowed even further, to sometime within five months at the start of the decade.

OS westry

Two bids thus far for the finest Landranger sheet (requested by Hamish Brown, TAC39). Richard Webb says OS25, whilst Clem Clements opts for OS19, "with 33 not far behind". He adds that the map with fewest roads could be OS39 (Rum and Eigg), with OS9 (Cape Wrath) perhaps the least bitumened sheet on the mainland.

Alan Blanco writes:

A reminder to all members and aspiring members of the Hall of Fame (open to anyone who has climbed over 600 Marilyns) to send in their end-of-year accounts some time during January. Usual format. The Hall lines are open on 0141-576-7564, or email to or post to 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow G14 9LY. On the other hand, if you're contacting TAC anyway - letter, article, subbie, quiz entry, legacy - feel free to add the details to the TAC missive and the Ed will pass them along the Corridor to the Hall.

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