The Angry Corrie 39: Nov-Dec 98

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Munro's Tables Update

As and when snippets of space allow, TAC is pinning down errors in the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables. The first batch appeared in TAC37, p12. These will be fed back to the SMC, with a view to further improving their next edition. (The 1997 book was the best yet, accuracy-wise, and the many grid refs etc corrected there have also been used in the SMC CD.) At some stage TAC will look at the list of Munroists - home to some real quirks and curiosities - but, for now, here are a few specifically hill-related "finds":


The summit of Mullach Clach a'Bhlair appears only on OS35 and OS43, not also OS36 as given in the Section 8. The three maps given for Meall Dubhag and Carn Ban Mor are, however, correct.

Ironically, Schiehallion, the only Munro to genuinely appear on three Landrangers (OS42,51,52), has only OS51,52 in Section 2.

Carn Aosda, Section 6, is erroneously given the same grid ref as Carn Bhinnein (NO091762). Carn Aosda, ski-detritus and all, is actually to be found at NO134791.

Similarly, Creag nan Damh (Section 10) is mislocated seven kilometres westward at NG913111. It's really at NG983112.


In Section 10, the North Top of Shalloch on Minnoch (which has an actual name, unused by the SMC: Caerloch Dhu) is given the same grid ref as the parent summit (NX407905). It should be NX400920. (Thanks to Graham Bunn for spotting this.)

In the same Section, the old and well-known Meikle Millyea error continues to be printed: the SMC give a summit height and location of 746m at NX518829. This is merely the trig point however, with the true top being a 749m point several minutes away at NX516825. (The Harveys maps and wallcharts have always got this right: the confusion presumably arises from OS77, which only shows the trig.)

Either TAC40 or TAC41 (probably the former) will include an analysis, by Ken Stewart, of comparative errors and vaguenesses between the various editions of Munro's Tables.

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