The Angry Corrie 39: Nov-Dec 98

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Bright too soon

Phil Harmston asks if TAC can mention a John Muir Trust lecture on Wednesday 25/11/98, 8pm, in Room K325, Level 3, John Anderson Building, Strathclyde University, Glasgow. It's #5 (#3.50 concessions) to hear John Dunn, who is apparently "bloody excellent". He'll be blethering on about "Baffin Island Traversed". So there you go.

Also in Glasgow, one of TAC's most enduring (and endearing) outlets has recently closed: the Survival Shop in Buchanan St. Thanks are due to Pauline, Harry, Kevin, et al for their support and coarse jokes over the years. Your Editor thinks he managed to avoid walking out into the street with a label reading "Kick Me", or "Sphincter Boy" stuck on his back, but he's not entirely sure, having seen various sales reps do precisely this amid scarcely suppressed merriment from the staff inside.

As one door closes another opens: Outside Now, already trading on Byres Rd Glasgow, now have a second TAC-friendly shop in Ayr. And Munros, one of the staunchest of all TAC outlets, have relocated within Aberfeldy; both these addresses are given below.

Gometra lesson. Ronald Turnbull asks if anyone else has heard of the Tarns + Tops Theorem: On any island, Tarns + Tops - Cols = 1. Readers busying themselves with Pete Drummond's Bumpiness Index (see p15) could perhaps produce some evidence in support or against.

TACit Press slouches ever closer toward the Bethlehem of world domination. The Scotsman, attempting to assess the quality or otherwise of the Embra Festival/Fringe acts, opted for a rating system with a difference. In several editions (eg 13/8/98), its arts pages featured the following:

***** Munro **** Corbett *** Graham ** Hewitt * Flat

Late football:

J Greaves Perpetually Lost Trophy, final:

Aberdeen MRT 4

(Mike "Ayrton" Riddell 2, Jim Wood [og], Alan "Jeelie" Rae)

Braemar MRT 2

(Neil "Biffo" Bain [og], Graham McDonald)

Played 20/9/98, at Monaltrie Stadium, Ballater; attendance: 12


Damon Powell, ankle, fence-jumping; Phil "Ranger Dibble" Glennie, broken ribs.

Braemar MRT lost and so win the cup.

Late news:

The Will Carling Testimonial Hillwalk has been cancelled. Weather was believed to be a factor: there were fears it would take place under a cloud. Enthusiasts who planned to complete the "Five Nations" itinerary should contact tour manager Jean Condom. The intended hills were: Wills Neck, Brown Willy (England); Black Carls of Beinn Eighe, Cockplay Hill (Scotland); The Paps (East/West), Tory Hill (Ireland); Mount Fukka Fukka (Western Samoa); Dianddodiaredeadasdodos (Turkey).

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