The Angry Corrie 37: Jun-Jul 98

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Where do you want to go today?

Hugh Tooby

"There are two paths you can go by ..."

Lists. Lists of lists. Lists of lists of lists. Arguments about lists. Bragging about lists. Measurement by list. Trial by list. Ordeal by list.

Freedom. The freedom to look at a map, pick out a line and travel it. To make a decision that is completely yours and carry it through. To create something new that exists only in the time taken to do it. To become part of a different landscape, to smell different smells, to feel different touches, to march to the beat of a different drum.

Each gives a different sense of achievement. The first allows you to measure yourself against others, the second is personal. The first allows you to brag in the pub, the second allows you a warm glow every time you remember the heightened sense of being alive you had during its execution. The first leads to congestion and erosion and access battles. The second leads towards harmony and understanding and mutual respect with the environment. The first is about conquest, the second is about love. The first is about the mentality of the man who allowed himself to be bound in chains, the second is about the independence of the man born free. The first is Oasis, the second is The Beatles. The first means you slog up dull tracks whatever the weather. The second means you delight in fitting the day to the conditions. The first means you slavishly do what everyone else has done, the second means you seek out new obscurities and discover hidden and unsuspected charms.

Where will you go today?

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