The Angry Corrie 37: Jun-Jul 98

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"It was a country upbringing, walking round over fields and dogs and that kind of stuff" - Andrew Motion on the death of his mother, Desert Island Discs, 27/3/98. Walking over dogs sounds a good idea, if a little awkward with certain breeds.

Check local press for confirmation of whether Blair Atholl is to be renamed New Atholl to mark the recent first anniversary of the Labour government. What does seem certain is that the nearby Old Blair is to be abolished.

Not content with four pages of footballing fodder elsewhere in this issue, it should also be noted that Faulconbridge, who came on to score a late equaliser for Dunfermline against Celtic, is a rare single-word 13:13. Only catastrophes for Rangers elsewhere prevented this from being doubly unlucky for the hoop-wearers.

Paul Caban writes:

I was having a trawl round James Thin's, as you do, thinking about replacing my OS15. This currently has a hole where Stac Pollaidh should be, thanks to a combination of west coast weather and a particularly ineffective map bag. Anyway, I found said map on the shelves, and it still has that 1950s photo of Lochinver on the front, complete with collector's item cars. Is this the most out-of-date cover photo on an OS map, or is there a more remote part of the UK that the OS hasn't looked at recently?

At the end of a bagging trip to the Furths of Ireland two years ago, my compleating partner and I spent two days being geological and botanical in The Burren. We spent a fair while trying to work out where the cover photo was. I'm competent enough with maps, but there was no way I could find anywhere the map seemed to match the topography. Eventually, a local tourist office told us the photo was part of the next map across...

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