The Angry Corrie 36: Apr-May 98

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The gradual replacement of OS Pathfinders with Outdoor Leisure sheets and Explorers bodes ill in light of what Michael Gray spotted on the Cairngorms doublesided OL3. The Sinclair Hut in the Lairig Ghru makes a startling reappearance, several years after having been demolished. Maybe it's the Old Grey Hut of Ben Macdui, last seen disappearing over Lurcher's. Maybe it's a cartographical alien returnee. Looks like the Scottish hills will not only be filled with walkers trying to climb non-existent Munro Tops (see pp4-5), but also trying to spend nights at non-existent bothies. A bad case of reversion rather than revision.

Grant Hutchison noticed this, from Fortean Times: "Maps have long indicated that northern Germany's highest mountain, The Brocken, was 3747ft (1142m) high. But more accurate recent measurements showed that it was only 1140m. Rather than force a change in maps, a construction company trucked nineteen tonnes of granite to the peak, stacking the rocks in a two-metre-high pile."

TAC has of course been observing the bizarre and disturbing Countryside Alliance guff of late. Yet whilst being firmly on the side of the walkers against the landed gentry and their myrmidons, you do sometimes wonder if so-called "ramblers" don't do themselves more harm than good, PR-wise. Take a late-Feb edition of the BBC News, and an item on right to roam. Shots of a straggle of codgers rambling across some field in Suffolk. One old woman, clearly audible, says: "Your legs get tired, lifting them up all the time". Well, yes, they would; it's called walking. This is in danger of becoming a trend; Gordon Smith was watching former Ramblers President Janet Street-Porter on her new Friday evening show. Walking very slowly from Dungeness to Wales, she meets celebs and nonentities as she wends her ironic and post-modern way. (The Post-Modern Way; guidebook and map #6.99 from all good bookshops.) At one point confronted with a ploughed-up right-of-way, she complains it will take ages to cross because she will have to lift up her feet!

Lookalikes are more the domain of Private Eye, but it must be noted as suspicious that High Mountains author Irvine Butterfield and Health Secretary Frank Dobson have never been seen in the same room (or on the same hill) together. Could they be one and the same? For those readers who don't know what the kindly Irvine looks like, there's a photo of him and his "ramblerish beard" on p4 of TGO March.

Given various mathematical articles in this issue, now seems the time to mention the latest sighting of an alternative TAC (as if TAC wasn't alternative enough). Check out: http: //, which includes an article by Peter Freyd and Ross Street "On the Size of Categories". Sample text: "The purpose is to give a simple proof that a category is equivalent to a small category if and only if both it and its presheaf category are locally small." Just like this TAC really.

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