The Angry Corrie 35: Jan-Mar 98

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Last-gasp Christmas pressies? New Year goodies? Forget Teletubbies videos,

bottles of sherry, Spice Girls CDs ... what you really really want is this stuff here:

The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland by E D Clements, 48pp, #3.70 (#4.20 inc p&p):

211 Irish Hewitts (Hills of England, Wales and Ireland over Two Thousand feet),

and 453 Irish Marilyns (hills with 150m drop), with nine Chris Tyler drawings.

The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales, and The Hewitts and Marilyns of England

both by Alan Dawson, 24/28pp, #2 each (#2.40): 137 Hewitts, 156 Marilyns in Wales;

178 of each in England. (These three Tables available as an #8 bundle inc p&p.)

World Tops and Bottoms - High and low points of all countries and dependencies, by Grant Hutchison, 28pp, #2 (#2.40).

The Murdos (Scottish 3000ft hills), and The Grahams and the New Donalds, both by Alan Dawson, 20pp, #1.70 each (#1.95).

PC disks of all Tables bar World and Ireland, #4 each: hypertext, Excel and Word. Welsh and English data all on a single #4 disk. Munro's Fables, Grant Hutchison / Chris Tyler, 104pp, #5.99 (#6.50); Walking the Watershed, Dave Hewitt, 240pp, #7.99 (#9). All eight TACit publications, and a six-TAC sub, only #28 inc p&p! Also: Dawson's The Relative Hills of Britain, inc update; 256pp, #8 inc p&p. T-shirts: TAC33 cover, XL, L, M, #12 each or #16 with a sub. A few Skye Bridge shirts remain, XL only: #9 or #12 with a sub. TAC sub: #6. For subs/shirts, cheques to The Angry Corrie. With books, please make it TACit Press. Usual address.

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