The Angry Corrie 35: Jan-Mar 98

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DATE: 12 Nov

REF: Lilos

I am writing to ask if TAC readers could help me compile a definitive list of lists of lists (LILO). I have so far identified four lists of lists (LILTS), viz. the TAClilt, the McSlilt, the S.Mclilt, together with my own Munrolilt.

To give you a flavour, my own Munrolilt has Original Munros & Tops, Original Munros (revised), Munros (revised again [ra]), Munros rara, Munros rarara, Murdos (+ ra + rara), Murdos rara, Small Mungos, Corbetts ra, Donalds rarara, Marilyns rararara, Donalds rara, Hewitts ra, Grahams ra, Hutchisons Tops and Bottoms rarara, etc.

My lilo will be in ascending order of the number of lists each lilt contains. I am also compiling a list of people who own a complete collection of lists within each lilt. Anyone who has a complete collection of all the lists within all the lilts will be able to claim from me a special lilo award.

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