The Angry Corrie 35: Jan-Mar 98

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Let's ask the burning question immediately: who will Hamish Brown support when Scotland play Morocco in the World Cup?

Long-time readers may well recall when almost every issue included strange articles by strangely-named people from the downright strange Pine-apple Society. This was the Nottingham Uni Hillsoc, most of whom have now acquired proper jobs and sensible haircuts; but not quite all, it seems. TAC hears that former member Simon Waddicor, aka Captain Corbett, has married. Nothing unusual about that, but the guests' tables at the reception were named after an eclectic scattering of hills: Mungrisdale Common, Black Dung Hill, Cleeve Hill, Brown Cow Hill, Cadair Berwyn, Stac Pollaidh, Place Fell, Dunkery Beacon, Hecla, and Angletarn Pikes. As if that wasn't enough, guests were called to table/hill in order of height - or, rather, were asked to guess the order, with a prize on offer calculated from the difference between real and suggested ranking. And you think the TAC quiz is hard/bizarre? (Okay, so it is. And the new one is on pp4-5.)

There also used to be an occasional competition re sending in a picture of TAC being read in the most unusual/exotic of places. This may be revived after Paul Hesp kindly submitted a photograph of himself studying TAC34 whilst standing in front of a Kremlin cannon. Not only that, but the magazine was taken past the remains of Messrs Lenin, Stalin, and Ivan the Terrible. What was that about your Editor being the new Hill Tsar?

For all the focus on Munroists, it's odd that no-one has kept a list of Corbetteers. It's not even easy to guess how many there might be - 100? 200 tops? Your Ed collects such info via TGO's Baggerwatch, but completers can also contact James Lamb. After a rare Corbs/Muns same-day finish, James is keeping tabs generally. He's at Burnside Cottage, Balmblae, Falkland, Fife, KY15 7BS.

Apologies for mentioning housekeeping matters, but could whoever sent in a subscription cheque signed 'RJ Merritt' please get in touch with an address too?

Readers may wonder why this TAC (or the previous) has not included a review of Andrew Dempster's new Grahams book. Let's just say that while TAC never really expected a review copy, Alan Blanco - whose work is the rock on which Dempster built - has not even been sent a courtesy copy. Very poor.

Late news: linking with Pete Drummond's p18 letter re an Orange mobile phone aerial on Broomy Law, over four hundred of these, each 15m high, have started springing up in Northern Ireland without planning permission. More details next time. It's all somewhat ironic given the name of the company concerned.

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