The Angry Corrie 35: Jan-Mar 98

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An uphill struggle? (Quiz)

Another year, another hellish hillish quiz. Postal entries close with first delivery on 1/2/98 (TAC, 138 West Stirling St, Alva, Clacks, FK12 5EN), or by email at 9pm that same day ( TAC36 (including the answers) not published until late March, but entrants will be told how they performed long before then. As ever, the quiz is graded V Diff overall, and HVS in places; but this year sees a few Easy pitches with multiple routefinding choices. Last year's average score of 39.5% is expected to rise - there'll be trouble if it doesn't. Indeed, anyone shown by the league table not to be performing up to scratch will be closed down and replaced by a Government hit squad.

100 points available, although, as ever, the compilers may also reward inventive thinking. And the other old rule still applies: a "right wrong" answer, ie not really what we were wanting, may still pick up half marks. Prizes are negotiable, but the winner acquires a TAC sub, the one remaining and very rare TAC33 sweatshirt (XL), plus a punnet of TACit goodies. Second and third places get less of the same, whilst the backmarker picks up the coveted booby prize: a copy of that rough-stuff bible, More footpath walks in Mid Herts for motorists.

1 First XI

In 1997:

1a Whose feet no longer walked "along England's greenest hills"? (2)

1b What was officially scrapped then went to Mars? (2)

1c Which company was banned from using the Matterhorn? (2)

1d What Strathspey placename adorned the new limited edition Land-Rover Discovery (heated door mirrors, dished alloy wheels, V8i automatic, #25495 on the road): (a) Braeriach (b) Glenfeshie (c) Abernethy (d) Aviemore? (1)

1e Was Brandon Rock: (a) a martial arts movie based on a Graham Greene novel and starring Sean Connery; (b) a US 1/4-finalist in the World Championship 800 metres; (c) a pinnacle which fell off Brandon Mountain due to frost damage; (d) the Dean of Lincoln Cathedral who resigned although cleared of alleged sex with an assistant verger? (1)

1f What two words connect an option in each of 1d and 1e with the person currently attempting a continuous round of Munros, Corbetts, and Grahams? (2)

1g What 2000ft/610ft structure was completed at a cost of #18 billion? (2)

1h What linked Suilven with Foinaven and Schiehallion? (2)

1i Which Graham moved up the chart from Moray to the Outer Hebrides? (2)

1j Who were to be seen in a passionate clinch in A Life Less Ordinary:

(a) Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor; or (b) Cameron McNeish and Jimmie Macgregor? (1)

1k Who dined on gravad lax with dill and mustard sauce, cream of Jerusalem soup, roast rack of lamb, raspberry crème brulée, and petit fours, and then staggered up Ben Nevis? (2)

2 Election Selection

2a Which two 1997 General Election constituencies were named after specific hills (ie not High Peak or Ochil)? (2)

2b In the most hill-filled General Election constituency, which loser shared a name with two categories of hill? (2)

2c Which political party was founded by John Muir? (2)

2d What connects the Labour victory with Ynys Mon? (2)

2e What useless item of hillwalking equipment displeased the new government? (2)

3 Notable new table

3a How many attempts were needed to successfully clone Dolly the Sheep: (a) 277 (b) 279 (c) 284? (1)

3b To how many days in jail was Louise Woodward sentenced: (a) 277 (b) 279 (c) 284? (1)

3c On which hill might Jacob have climbed a ladder but failed to fill his bag? (2)

3d What connects Beinn a'Ghlo with W H Smith? (1)

3e What connects Hamish M Brown and Barbara M Tulloch? (1)

3f Which hill was Hamish M Brown describing in 1988: " - under snow has the curvaceous purity of a Marilyn"? (2)

3g Which Munro recently became 130 tonnes lighter? (2)

3h What do A'Chralaig and Sgor Gaoith (and no other Munros) now have in common? (2)

4 Art Fell

4a The name of which film character derives from a map reference in a movie director's home town? (2)

4b "I crept forward and peered over. Having had my face close to lumps of rock for the past two hours I at first found it hard to focus. This was not surprising, for there was nothing between me and the valley a thousand feet below. Small objects at the bottom, the size and colour of golf balls, were, I assumed, sheep."

Where was Ludovic Kennedy: (a) Forcan Ridge; (b) Fiacaill Ridge; (c) Pinnacle Ridge; (d) Myra Breckinridge? (1)

4c Ernest Hemingway, 1932: "There are only three true sports: bull-fighting, mountain climbing, and - ; the rest are merely games." Is the third (a) boxing; (b) motor racing; (c) marlin fishing; (d) Marilyn bagging? (1)

4d Which poetry compilation published in 1982 (with a follow-up in 1997) made Cameron McNeish seriously unhappy with its opening line: "This anthology amassed itself like a cairn"? (2)

4e " - could go on like this for years ... their habit of standing motionless means they'll never have to worry about old age slowing them down. They'll still be the most fun you can have with your cagoule on." Who, in September 1997? (2)

5 The Irish Question

Which Irish Marilyn: 5a was hit by a landslide in May? 5b is where angels fear to tread? 5c should be visited by the boss of the Rambler's Association? 5d is 8736 times as high as its name? (1 point each, plus 1 point bonus for all correct)

6 Everest the quite hard way

6a Which Scottish band released the album track Mount Everest? (1)

6b Which Scottish band released (on the same label) the album Mount Everest? (1)

6c Which Beatles album had Mount Everest as its working title? (1)

6d Which eighties iconoclast and regular Thursday night cultural commentator said that his favourite item of clothing was "a sharkskin suit made by Timothy Everest, the greatest bespoke tailor on the planet"? (1)

6e Which Irish Marilyn could be renamed Everest? (1)

6f Which other 8000m mountain recently formed a plant-hire company to build a pyramid? (1)

6g This pyramid will contain 87,250,000 bricks (roughly), with a base width of approx 300 feet. How high will it be? (1)

7 Abroad cairns

7a What peak plummeted on Plymouth? (2)

7b What single theme links these four pairings of hills and nations/dependencies? (3)

Ben More AssyntNew Caledonia
SnowdonSaint Helena
The SneugHaiti

7c Which mountain is this? (1)

7d These characters all crop up in a Scottish hill context. Translate.

(1 point each, plus 1 point bonus for all correct)

8 Rag bag

8a The quiz wouldn't be the quiz without a placename in which no letters are repeated. If Edinburgh is 9:9 and Glen Quharity 12:12, what two-word 13:13 appears on a tree-covered spur on a Scottish Outdoor Leisure map? (2)

8b What horse won the one-fifteen at Cheltenham on 14/11: (a) Hillwalk; (b) Mountain Ridge; (c) Bonington's Bottom? (1)

8c What connects Streap, Ben Creggan, and Nicky Campbell? (2)

8d Which western body of water announces that a king might have to move? (2)

8e Which Munro was pictured in the advert also featuring this terrible poem entitled "Welcome to my home"? (2)

I have a Guest House that sits on a hill,
Into July you can see snow still,
With bar and excellent food,
Do call in if you're in the mood,

(Advert from Holiday and Short Break Guide 1997, Argyll, the Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling and Trossachs Tourist Board.)

8f What connects Cruach nam Fearna with Mr Ting Ming Siong of Sibu, Sarawak? (2)

8g Low-level practical question: four hill-names are chiselled into a tree-bucket thing outside the Thistle Centre in Stirling. Three are Ben Vorlich, Stuc a'Chroin, and Dumyat. What's the fourth? (2)

8h Trainspotting practical question: ScotRail coach 52458 contains an OS map of north Scotland. What island is named on the edge of the map halfway along Loch Ness? (a) Isle of Skye; (b) Isle of Mull; (c) Isle of Man; (d) Mallorca? (1)

9 The Final Solutions

Explain these six equations. 9c and 9d are trigonometry. (2 points each, plus 1 point bonus for all correct)

9a Salt + Brick = Sugar + Loaf = Mange tout

9b Creise + Conival = Little Conval + Meikle Conval = Shin + Shiel = Lomond

9c Little Conval + East Lomond + Ward's Stone east - Ward's Stone west =Spidean Coire nan Clach

9d Spidean Coire nan Clach + Little Conval - 2(Slioch) = East Lomond

9e McNeish - Burn = Snowdon

9f Cricket - Chess + Maps= Hillwalking

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