The Angry Corrie 33: Sep-Oct 97

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With much of TAC33 devoted to reader-opinion re new Munros, your Ed offers a thought of his own by way of tone-setting. Although knowing date and companions for most hills he's ever climbed - classic bagger behaviour - this is tempered with endless re-visits to old haunts instead of zooming off to peaks and pastures new. Hence 74 ascents (and counting) of Ben Cleuch; hence a mere 241 Munros from the 1981 Tables. What's more, the total reached 240 on 9/10/92 and only inched forward on 9/6/96 with a Tulla-to-Etive drenching via Meall nan Aighenan. So only one new Munro in five years. Until now that is, the scene-shifters having boosted things to 247 out of 284, with all of the eight newcomers long climbed bar the never-visited Kinlochewe pit bing. Damn the SMC; why do they always spoil things? Don't they know that some people are trying to keep their tally down? Your Ed must now try even harder to avoid Beinn Eighe. The sole compensation is having 37 Munros unclimbed rather than 36.

And since three of the new Munros overlook Glen Coe, are we to see three new plays added to the Shakespearean canon by way of thespian retribution?

Back in the real world (or maybe not), the Great TAC Pole Debate rumbles on, weirdly. What should be made of Dutchman Wim Alaerds, who doubled the world pole-sitting record at the annual championships at Soltau near Hamburg? He was perched 8ft aloft for 51 days. Simeon Stylites strikes again.

The East Sussex town of Crowborough is suffering an identity crisis, with nowhere near enough tourists influxing to sample its delights. Really! It's the only town in the country to appear in a hill-listing, in an area where there's precious little to climb anyway, and the summit has recently moved from one suburban back garden to another (see TAC30, p15). What more do they want? Were this splashed across Crowborough's tourist brochures, mountaineers would flock from across the globe. Even Alan "These third world countries are all the same" Hinkes would be there in a flash - although the presence of the Crowborough Chapati Emporium would need to be kept from him.

Late news from Irvine Butterfield: a new-Munro update is available for owners of his High Mountains book. Simply send an A4 SAE to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, 4a St Catherine's Rd, Perth, PH1 5SE, and mark your envelope FAO Irvine Butterfield. Also, read the ex-exciseman-exerciseman's heartfelt views on the Munros revision on p20 of this TAC.

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