The Angry Corrie 32: Jun-Aug 1997



The General Election may have clarified matters political, but has thrown up some new TAC-related confusions. Rumours of Glen Coe being swept away by a landslide are incorrect - it was Seb Coe, overwhelmed in Falmouth and Camborne (see TAC8, p3). Similarly, talk of Runrig singer and erstwhile Golden Cagoule captain Donnie Munro quitting the band to pur-sue a political career is also wrong: he went off in a huff after featuring as question-fodder in both the past two TAC quizzes. Nor were LibDem Gordon Smith (lost in Scunthorpe), or Tory Iain Mitchell (distant third in Dunfermline East), in any way backed by this magazine. Nearer the mark is Neil and Christine Hamilton replacing Val of that ilk, but this fell through when they realised the brown envelope contained only tatty backTACs rather than wads of used notes.

Congrats to Eigg's residents re their island self-purchase - would that more bits of the country could gain decent hands-on ownership. The Eigg folk did especially well to thwart the bid from Luciano Pavarotti, realising just in time that the island would have sunk.

For some bizarre reason, men's magazines are trying to steal TAC's pitch: we must be seen as a genuine rival. Following the bothy-sex article in Men's Health, April's GQ had "The Top 10 Hills in Britain - Britain's best natural highs!" This was tilted towards summits near to the suave/trendy readership - Skiddaw, High St, Ingleborough - but whilst Ben Alder and Schiehallion made it in, more startling in such a style-conscious rag was further wholesale bothy-mentioning. What's going on here? Some benighted butt-and-ben is hardly the place for the Gucci crowd, and why have the Bothidians gone so quiet all of a sudden - have the Cornwallis brothers been bought off with haute couture? Maybe the Benetton-Karrimor merger reported in TAC31 is having immediate trickledown effects.

And as for June's Q, p168: well! Trendy fame! TAC is also intrigued by Q's feature on Macca, where the p123 Venus and Mars write-up starts: "Enter Corbett-sized guitarist Jimmy McCulloch ... ". Funny, he always looked like a little bloke.

TAC30's quiz included a hellish question re the only nameshare between British and Irish Marilyns, with Mount Eagle (Sections 15B and 49A) given as the answer in TAC31. Sorry, but we've since come across another, since 703m Black Mountain on the English/Welsh border (Section 32A/38B) is twinned with a 510m peak of that name in Section 56A south of Newry (also close to a border). Two near-misses are Mid Hill (444m in Section 43C but no longer the 657m Lomondside Graham in Section 1E, since this was renamed Beinn Dubh in an earlier Blanco update; and Bentee, 376m in Section 50A, which comes close but not close enough to replicating the big conical Corbett in Section 10C.