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Two congratulatory snippets to end with. On 15th February Colin Donnelly from Gwynedd climbed Cruach Tairbeirt, thus becoming the fourth person known to have reached 1000 Marilyns. He was accompanied by a couple of frighteningly fit fellrunners, a few fogeys, both your Eds, and Alan Blanco - who brought along champagne, as is now the norm on such occasions. Colin started with Ben Ledi in 1969 and has done some pretty mental and impressive things along the way - eg a 24-Munro Charlie Ramsay Round in 21 hours, and all the Scottish 4000ers inside 24 hours. The day after reaching 1000, he finished 24th in helping Cambuslang to victory in the Scottish Cross-Country Championships. News of the other 1000-Marilyners is that Rowland Bowker has reached 1307 (of 1549 total), Ann Bowker gained ground with a big '96 (209 summits), to stand at 1276, whilst Tony Payne relocated to Limerick having temporarily signed off (over here at least) at around 1250. It's now that time of year when Blanco refurbishes his Hall of Fame and issues a Marilyn Update, so walkers with 600-plus summits can take their place via TAC. It may be a while before anyone else hits 1000 - fifth-placer John Crummett of Bradford was "only" in the mid-800s last we heard - but a few folk are queued up outside the Hall, whilst one or two have recently raced through the foyer and skidded on to the waxed floor itself, including quiz-winner Stuart Benn.

As well as his having recently received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from St Andrews University, there's now a Hamish Brown Omnibus on the way. But will it be Morocco bound? (Apologies to Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour - or rather to their gag-writers Frank Butler and Don Hartman.)

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