The Angry Corrie 31: Mar-Apr97

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The January issue of the John Muir Trust Journal includes, on p17-20, an article by Robin Campbell, president of the SMC, given space to outline the club's history and work. Routine stuff you'd think, and so it is until halfway through, when the notoriously loose-cannonesque Campbell turns his fire on club colleague Donald Bennet, decrying the latter's latest guidebook series as "excessively large and thick guides, hideously bound and printed in ugly sans serif fonts". Ouch. TAC has its own share of feuds of course, but there's nothing like a public in-house spat to warm the blood. Good to see the SMC still thriving as a club.

Just to force home the point, Gordon Smith's feisty in-TAC squabbles have resulted, on p16, in a charge of his being Robin Campbell in disguise! Unwilling to back off from the recent no-smokie-without-fire set-to with Arbroath Beatles-lover Rocky Raccoon, the news of Macca's knighthood inspired a far-flung list of Fab Four placenames: Glen "Sir" Artney, Pik Lennon, Harrison Stickle and Ringo Steall. Mop tops rather than map tops. Gordon also submits a cutting from the Sunday Mail Sporting Quotes of 1996, and wonders if Mt Totten was formerly Mt Killiemanagero?

More tautologous placenames: Chris Tyler offers his local Camastianavaig on Skye, where first/last syllables both mean "bay"; Ken Stewart suggests the first fourfold name: Knockmealdown Mountains in Ireland. Your Ed meanwhile, in his computer-advisory role at Glasgow Uni, recently sorted a problem for one Ben Adler.

And your Ed's mission, for walkers to "spread the load" by visiting the underrated Southern Uplands, has received a boost - literally. Steve Bennett, Manchester's answer to NASA, thinks his homespun LEXX rocket ditched somewhere in the Borders, and is offering #500 reward for its recovery.

Here's an odd thing: the first seven advance orders for the new Welsh TACit Table (see p11) all came from Yorkshire. What on earth does that imply?

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