The Angry Corrie 30: Jan-Feb97

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In addition to the official quiz, there's a second chance to win a prize this issue - although possibly even harder, which is saying something. A year's sub to the first reader who proves a sighting of Cameron McNeish's The Munros (reviewed in TAC29, pp4,5) at the claimed original published price of #25. Lomond Books have widely marketed this at a "Special price" of #15, "down from #25", yet no-one has seen it at the higher price, neither in Lomond's own Bargain Books at which it was aimed, nor in proper shops such as John Smith or James Thin. Although on a far smaller scale than Iain White's extortionate CD, and clearly a publisher's ploy rather than chicanery by the paid-in-advance author, this does nothing to counter the recent Sod the Public trend. Your Ed has written to Lomond, since if you buy pasta from Safeway marked as "reduced", then it legally has to have been on sale elsewhere at the higher price. Several folk have already thought they were getting a bargain here, which would be fine were it actually true. So search for higher things and maybe win a prize.

As promised in TAC29, news that perhaps the least stunning of all Marilyns - the East Sussex town of Crowborough - has acquired a new summit via updated research. From the comparative wilderness of a 240m trig at TQ511307 on OS188, the top has moved to a far more interesting 242m point on the other side of Beacon Road, up a back alley, at the northeast corner of someone's house at TQ510305. Does anyone know names and / or an address? Probably the only folk to actually live on a summit, they can expect a steady flow of bulging-eyed baggers scrambling on to the uppermost corner of their bin shelters. TAC feels it should write and offer compensation by way of a free subscription at least. They can even bag in bed!

Of slightly greater common interest is the arrival of the 72nd SubMurdo (see Blanco's TACit list, pp18,19). Your Ed's chess-friend Ken Stewart had suspicions that Meall Glas Choire on Beinn Eibhinn should qualify, and he's most likely right. A SubMurdo is a 3000ft peak with a drop of between 20m and 29m inclusive (actual Murdos have drops of 30m or more). Established SubMurdos include The Chancellor, Sgurr na Forcan and Sgurr Thearlaich. MGC is 924m, and had a drop of c19m - imprecise as the col lacks a spot height. Estimation from the 1:10000 (where the 900m contour isn't continuous) gave a c905m col. But when Ken spotted a continuous 900m contour on OS42, Alan checked the pre-metric 1:10560 and found a continuous 2950ft (899m) line. Coincidentally, he was on this summit in September - before hearing from Ken - and noted a sharp dip hinting at a col nearer 900m. Hence the estimate has drifted from c905m to c903m, giving MGC a c21m drop and making it a SubMurdo. As Alan wrote to his col-league, the science of SubMurdoness is, like most science, a question of making judgements on the best evidence available, rather than a matter of fundamentalist certainties.

Hot news: Purchasers of Grant Hutchison's World Tops and Bottoms will have noted news reports of Chances Peak, high point of the British dependency of Montserrat, rumbling away volcanowise. It's been on the go since 1995 - hence its tabular status as an active volcano - but the most recent activity seems more serious, with homes evacuated as horrible stuff slithers towards them. Doubly interesting to country-top-baggers is that Chances Peak is - or was - neatly 914m / 3000ft, thus providing an exotic spin on the endless Foinaven / Beinn Dearg / Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe borderline Munro debates. The natural thought is that eruptions may already have reduced it to Corbett height, but Grant says such events often as not lump fresh lava on the rim and so make the hill higher. Chances are it will be smaller though.

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