The Angry Corrie 30: Jan-Feb97

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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without ... the TAC Festive Quiz!

Last year's entry was again the highest ever - 21 quizzers averaging 44.57% - and we trust even more readers will take part this time. All entries by first post on 1st February 1997, with results and answers in TAC31 (mid-February). We think this year's quiz may be slightly easier than the last, but due to the overall difficulty it's well worth entering even if you think you only know a few answers.

Pointscoring differs between questions and is detailed each time. Maximum possible score is 100, although we always seem lured into awarding the odd bonus mark for outstandingly inventive thinking. As ever, anyone offering an answer correct in itself but not what we're really looking for may well score half the normal mark for that question. But maybe not.

The winner receives fame beyond their wildest imaginings, plus a year's TAC subscription, Grant Hutchison's World Tops and Bottoms, and a generously gifted copy of Andy Wightman's Canongate book Who Owns Scotland. Second and third receive lesser quantities of various TAC/TACit products (and less quantities of fame). Entries to The Angry Corrie, House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL, or email the editor at

1 In 1996

1a Whose new book was called Climbing Mount Improbable? 1

1b In August, what was expensively lost on Croaghaun Mountain, Achill Island, County Mayo? 2

1c Which English city saw estate agents fined in mid-September after some house-buyers assumed, without checking with a compass, that their garden faced SW when in fact it faced NW? 2

1d 12th March saw Sheffield-based climbers Ben Moon and Stephen Coates make an ascent from Gotan Camp. Where was this, and how did it end? 1+1

1e Which Asian city saw the completion of a pair of buildings as high as Auchtertyre Hill? 1 for city, 1 for name of buildings

1f Plans were published for the London Millennium Tower. Is this intended to be as high as: (i) 485m Carleatheran, (ii) 435m Cuilags, or (iii) 385m Gun? 1

1g The inside of which British 3000ft hill was used as a film set? 1 for hill, 1 for film

2 Strange names

2a Find an OS Landranger map 10km square containing the names of all these animals: Ass, Donkey, Eland, Ewe, Hen, Hind, Lamb, Raven. Also, give individual animal locations by citing the 1km grid square in which each name lies; eg if the overall location was thought to be the 10km square at the northwest corner of OS63, eastings 00-10, northings 72-82, then the name "hen" would be found in square 0281 (Auchenbreck). Clue: the 10km square has thick grid lines on two sides and lies along the edge of a sheet.

6 points total: half for each location, 1 for the large 10km square, bonus 1 for all correct.

2b The rectangle of 1km squares bordering the 10km square required in 2a contains what three-word 12:12 placename? (12:12 is defined as a name containing 12 letters, all of them different, eg Coylumbridge.) 2

2c An easterly two-word 12:12 can be found near a body of water which, with one letter added, is mentioned on p10. 1 for the 12:12, 1 for either of the watery names

2d How can Mid Lix (OS51 / 554300) be said to be four feet higher than nearby Ar Riabhach (OS51 / 522311)? 1

2e What linguistic quirk connects an accountant with an alternative name for the 998m Irish hill Cnoc na Peiste? 2

2f What is the only name shared by a Scottish and an Irish Marilyn? 2

3 Culture Club

3a 1995's quiz showed that Chimborazo was the highest mountain measured from the centre of the earth, with neighbouring Cotopaxi not far behind. Which celebrated short story begins: Three hundred miles and more from Chimborazo, one hundred from the snows of Cotopaxi, in the wildest wastes of Ecuador's Andes ...
Clue: title includes the name of a Dutch footballer. 1 for story, 1 for author

3b Which subsequent Nobel laureate published, in 1979, a book with a map on the front cover? 1 for book, 1 for author

3c Which British band released the 1979 single Map reference 41N, 93W ? 1

3d Which 1995 novel by a best-selling author contains this passage? 1 for book, 1 for author
She tested it, it held, and she gave it her full weight. She raised her leg, until she got her shoe into the refrigerator itself. Then she swung her body still higher, until she was standing up and could reach the handle to the oven. It was like mountain climbing through a damn kitchen, she thought. Soon she was alongside Malcolm. Lightning flashed again, and she saw his battered face.

3e In which 1993 film does the US president suffer a stroke whilst having sex in the Munro Hotel? 1 for film, 1 for the actress playing the First Lady. Clue: the First Lady appears in TAC2.

4 Foreign climbs

4a Which country has a Graham-sized hill named Qaqqartivakajik? 2

4b In which country are the Guilin Mountains? 2

4c If Ben Hutig could be moved from Tongue to Israel, where would be the logical place to put it, and why? 1+1

4d Which Munro needs only one vowel added to be an anagram of two African cities found at opposite ends of the Continent? 1 for the Munro, half for each city

4e Which New Donald contains the name of an African country? 1

4f Which outdoor writer needs only one more letter in his first name to become an African country? 1

4g The administrative centre of which Dependency is named after someone called Munro? 2

5 Take up thy bed and walk

5a Which of these three Ochils has a near-perfect windbreak crag at its summit, complete with natural stone seat: Myreton Hill OS58 / NS858982, Colsnaur Hill OS58 / NS861993, Bengengie OS58 / NN869002 ? 2

5b Dunkeld 16, Pitlochry 38, Blair Atholl 45, Dalwhinnie ? 1 for missing number, 1 for correct reason

5c Which Graham shares a name with a Masonic Lodge found close by the start of its most popular ascent route? 1

5d What number is given by subtracting the height of 5c in metres from the Lodge number? 1

5e The summit of 5c is home to a seriously incorrect viewfinder. Give an indication as to the error. 2

6 Bizarre Inc

6a England 0, Wales 4; Ireland 3, Scotland 0; Thomas Weir. Explain. 2

6b What number linked Princess Di, Mike Atherton and Lamington Hill on 4/12/95?
1 for number, 1 for a full explanation.

6c Which two New Donalds in diagonally adjacent 1k gridsquares are also a pair of 1990s England test cricketers? 1 each

6d Newtyle Hill 20, Ben Vrackie 21, Carn a Chlamain 22, The Fara ? Clue: Newtyle Hill.
1 for missing number, 1 for correct reason

6e Which new book, with the words "Ordnance Survey" prominent on the back cover, contains the following predictions:
Ben Lawers is 4004ft; the highest point in Sutherland is Ben More Assynt at 3431ft; the highest point in Ross-shire is Carn Elge [sic] on Hoy at 3877ft? 1 for book, 1 for author

7 spaM spaM spaM spaM

7a On which very widely seen Scottish map are there only two islands, represented thus:

7b On which map are these hills in the following sections:
West Lomond 21, Goatfell 32, Ben Cruachan 40, Sgurr Mor Fannich 40, Ben Nevis 48 ?
1 for general type of map, 1 for specific sheet name

7c Which of these major roads is the odd one out: A70, A71, A72, A73 ? 1 for road, 1 for correct reason

7d Which of the Great Lakes exists in Scotland, and where? 1 for name, 1 for gridref

7e Name four other Scottish Lakes, not counting settlements or rivers which include the word Lake. half per name

7f Which OS Landranger has a high point, or "map top", of only 7m? 1 for map, 1 for gridref of map top

8 Corbents and Grabams

These are crossword-style clues to 9 Grahams and 12 Corbetts. (Grahams are 2000ft-2499ft Scottish hills with 150m drop, Corbetts are 2500ft-2999ft Scottish hills with 500ft drop.) Solve the clue, then change one letter to give the hill. The letters always remain in order, but word-breaks may change.
Corbent Example: Supported by boot - Ankle / Arkle.
(Note: One of the Grabams is also a Corbent.)

22 points total: half for clue-answer, half for hill, bonus 1 for all correct.

(i) Woody Allen movie;
(ii) Jay Silverheels;
(iii) Cantilevers overhead here;
(iv) Pinky blue Girl actress;
(v) A group of Munro's;
(vi) Hamish MacInnes' wee dog;
(vii) Definitely the other Hamish's dog;
(viii) Where Glasgow girls go for a night out;
(ix) High, TGO, Trail, plus this.

(x) Northern Exposed pub;
(xi) The bloke who bribes juries and dopes racehorses;
(xii) All Together Now boys;
(xiii) Pacey Zimbabwean;
(xiv) Question the terrible ruler;
(xv) Tin snake;
(xvi) Repair Highland village;
(xvii) White Riot squad in the morning;
(xviii) Ariston goes on ... ;
(xix) Definitely not Dennis' dandy sister;
(xx) Duke's boy;
(xxi) Put cheek on a pedestal.

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