The Angry Corrie 30: Jan-Feb97

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Thanks are due to Andy Wightman for the generous offer of a hardback copy of his important Who Owns Scotland (reviewed in TAC28, pp6-7) as a prize for the eventual winner of the quiz overleaf. In return, we're very happy to report that Canongate have (genuinely...) reduced the price from #25 to #20. The paperback is already sold out and under 100 hardbacks remain, but if you want one, send a cheque for #20 (inc p&p) to Andy himself at 9 Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5NS. So hurry, hurry - unless you prefer the slow, infuriating-but-infinitely-rewarding quizzical route, confident you're the clever-clogs who gets one for free.

The front pages of the quality press are proving very TAC-friendly. The amazing Observer headline reproduced below followed the Guardian making much of "PIN numbers" in a 5/11/96 lead story about bank fraud. Whatever next? The Sun dispatching a correspondent to check out the summit of the In Pinn? DC Thomson's bidding for the rights to Murdo?

David Griffith-Jones of Bishop's Stortford (who says Gaelic names are complicated?) picks up on James Cunnane's TAC29 letter by claiming he used to be taught German by a woman called Glenys Borthwick. This thing always seems to go a little further ...

There's no truth in rumours that TAC31 will include a Mountaineering Movie re David Cronenberg's upcoming Plummet, a sequel to the banned Crash in which walkers use poles, crampons and Petzls for unspeakable fetishistic purposes whilst reciting from Hamish MacInnes' mountain rescue book Call Out.

Allegedly for real however was a recent article in Men's Health which featured the usual tedious Ten Top Places To Have Sex list. But this one, so we hear, included a Highland bothy, complete with photograph (but not, thankfully, a gridref)! Your Ed, having allowed his sub to lapse (there are only so many men's mags a boy can take), raced to the newsagents but could only find the bothy-free December issue. To avoid a traumatic trawl of dental waiting rooms, can anyone dig up the relevant copy?

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