TAC 28: Aug-Sep96

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Four new TACit Tables are in production, but due to busyness and Life Getting in the Way, only one is nearing readiness. This is: World Tops and Bottoms - High and low points of all countries and their dependencies. Which should be self-explanatory. Locations, heights, indigenous names etc are all there, ordered by Continent, whilst appendices give the Highest/Lowest High/Low Points, and the High/Low Points nearest/furthest from the centre of the earth. The Table has been compiled by Grant Hutchison, and goes to press immediately after this TAC appears, being available mid/late August. 28pp, price #2, or #2.40 including p&p.

Three more TACit Tables will appear in the autumn, hopefully around the time of TAC29 (mid Oct). These will be a linked series, each detailing Marilyns (hills with 150m drop) and Hewitts (Hills of England, Wales and Ireland over Two Thousand feet). The pioneering Irish booklet - based on the latest series of Irish OS maps and listing 455 Marilyns and 211 Irish Hewitts - is by ED Clements. The Welsh and English booklets will be by Alan Blanco. Precise details and costs next time.

The first two TACit Tables, The Grahams and the New Donalds and The Murdos, still available at #1.95 each inc p&p (or #3.70 inc p&p the pair). PC or Mac disks of these two booklets only are also available. Providing data in hypertext, Excel and plain text formats, these cost #4 a time inc p&p. 10% of all booklet and disk sales will be donated to the John Muir Trust.

Walking the Watershed by Dave Hewitt, 240pp, #7.99 (#9 inc p&p), and Munro's Fables by Grant Hutchison and Chris Tyler, 104pp, #5.99 (#6.50 inc p&p). #13.50 inc p&p the pair. Better than any books full of numbers.

Chris Tyler's latest Skye Bridge T-shirt (TAC25 front cover.) Sizes XL, L and M, #11.50 each or #14.50 as part of a sub/shirt package.

TAC subscription (six issues), #6; sub+shirt = #14.50; WtW+shirt+sub = #22.50; MF+shirt+sub = #20.50; WtW+MF+shirt+sub = #28. If just ordering subs or shirts, please write cheque to The Angry Corrie. If books/booklets are involved, make it TACit Press. Everything from House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL.

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