TAC 28: Aug-Sep96

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Thanks again to our Namibian correspondent, Mags Hunter, who broke off from studying parrots in the desert to rummage through her local dictionaries. The word "bagger", she writes, is German for "excavator". Useful thing to know if you want to avoid any "Ich bin ein Berliner" type errors whilst on holiday in the Bavarian Alps - unless, that is, your name is JC Bamford.

TAC27 asked for PIN number type tautologies, so thanks are due to "Ben Doon" and "Seymour Ovett", of Silly Con Glen for YTS schemes and MLC certificates. Perkin "Pariah" Warbeck offers DOS operating system, whilst his brother Angie (with a hard g) suggests HIV virus, and Calum Hind came up with LCD display. And if your Ed hears The TGO one more time...

Also picking up on earlier stuff is ace-quizzer Stuart Benn. Following letters about meeting famous people on the hill, Stuart offers two names from his own scrapbook. The first doesn't count, being only the ubiquitous James T Macgregor at Braemar in 1990. But wait till you hear this: David Essex at Kinlochewe in 1975! It's unclear whether he was taking his haircut up Beinn Eighe or merely malingering in the fleshpots, but it's certainly the best yet!

The opening para of Melanie McFadyean's lead story in The Guardian, 4/6/96, re damages awarded to police on duty at the Hillsborough Disaster: "Former policeman David Frost has a snapshot of himself in which he is every inch the officer - that was seven years ago. Today he has shoulder length hair and a five o'clock shadow. He wears jeans and a homespun top of the sort worn by mountaineers and hippies. There are pink friendship bracelets on his wrist." One for the Press Complaints Commission, surely?

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