TAC 27 May-Jul96

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Bright Too Soon...

The recent rise of Global Positioning Systems (eg the one reviewed on p7) has in turn given rise to a thought. Folk invariably refer to these tautologously, as "GPS systems", as with "PIN numbers" and - doubly so - "NCP car parks". Booksellers talk of "ISBN numbers", whilst the "SALT talks" featured heavily in the news back in the 70s. Anyone know any more of these?

No space for a proper Mountaineering Movie, but following the recent spate of famous Munros/Murdos visible in such as Rob Roy and Braveheart, it was good to see unsung Leum Uilleim cropping up in Trainspotting.

Likewise not enough space for all the access/democracy type stuff, especially since late news has been coming in as we go to press. Hence more next time on the situation in Glen Tilt - where we're told the 5.00 access-by-car has now been stopped altogether; and a report from the launch of the latest access accessory, the radical-looking Scotland's Mountains: An Agenda for Sustainable Development, from the Scottish Wildlife and Countryside Link (excellent, even though it sounds like a bus service).

Moray Mountain Sports, one of the very first TAC outlets, sadly closed recently: many thanks to all in Forres over the years. But on wearing the 12 and 14 shirts come Needle Sports, Keswick and the Glasgow Uni branch of John Smith's.

So farewell then.
The Duke of Atholl
and Bill Murray.
Two great men
of the Scottish hills.
One kept a private army
and was propositioned
by Miss Whiplash.
The other fought off Rommel
and his desert hordes,
wiped his bottom with Shakespeare,
wrote Undiscovered Scotland
and starred in Groundhog Day.

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