The Angry Corrie 26: Feb-Mar 1996

How news of the Electric Brae reached further Albion

Barbara Jones

March 1st:

Walking the Watershed arrives by post. Enclosed are three back numbers of TAC. WtW laid aside. TACs avidly read and references to the Electric Brae noted. Is this an in-joke whose significance escapes me?

March 3rd:

Send off sub for TAC. Hope future editions will bring enlightenment re EB. Meanwhile much enjoying WtW.

March 12th:

Arrive early to catch first ferry of the morning from Hythe to Southampton. (I'm walking across a portion of the Albion Plain to Winchester.) Wander to and fro and read notices in ferry office window. Local coach company is advertising a holiday in Scotland. Brought up short by a day tour on offer - to Rob Roy's Birth Place and the Electric Brea (sic). So there really is such a thing! Only one other passenger on the ferry, the Hotspur VI, a young lady with a Scottish accent. She chats to the crew and I learn that the Hotspur V, sister ship to H VI, has transferred from Hythe to the Glasgow - Dunoon run. So surprised at two links with Albion and Scotland turning up in Hythe that I fail to ask her about the EB.

March 13th:

To Scottish section of Guildford library, and after much searching discover what and where the EB is. Also locate it on OS Landranger map. Marked in blue as "tourist info". Where have I been all these years and never heard of it?! But why is it called the "Electric" Brae? Take out Brian Wilson's Blazing Paddles. A kayak trip round the coast of Scotland.

March 16th:

Devouring Blazing Paddles. He encountered an "Electric Sea Arch" on the east coast near Helmsdale. Paddling under the arch on a calm day he was horrified by the impression that the water was sloping steeply downhill, and that he was about to be sucked into a menacing water shoot. Logic told him that water "finds its own level", and that as he could see daylight at both ends of the arch the sea must in fact be level. The illusion was created by the sloping rock strata of the walls of the arch.

March 17th onwards:

Continue to mull over these matters although I would rather be going over to Mull.

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